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Consarc Engineering Limited

With its considerable track record of success and innovation in the field of vacuum technology Consarc Engineering Ltd., is a recognised leader in the manufacturing of a wide range of furnaces for use in specialist engineering applications.
Consarc furnaces can be found in the automotive, aerospace, tool steel and nuclear industries, where precise performance, dependability and durability are the qualities that count.
Consarc are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.
Unlike other vacuum furnace traders in the UK, Consarc is unique in that we can fully assemble and test a vacuum furnace at our UK facility prior to site shipment. Our team of vacuum furnace engineers are well versed in all aspects of multiple project management, from budgeting to productivity to establishing and maintaining business partnerships. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple projects and developing innovative solutions for advanced engineering metallurgy.

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Number of employees:200
Company type:Limited
Year created:1951
Qualifications:ISO 9001

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