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Merrick & Company

Merrick & Company provides design and design-build services for nuclear facilities, systems, and equipment for specialized processing, handling, treatment, production, manufacturing, power production and research.
Project types include:

Radioactive material processing and handling systems and facilities
Radioactive material research and development systems and facilities
Radioactive waste handling and processing systems and facilities
Radioactive waste treatment, storage and disposal systems and facilities
Nuclear research equipment, systems and facilities
Nuclear fuel manufacturing systems, equipment and facilities
Nuclear treatment systems and equipment
Design-build of radioactive material facilities
Nuclear waste processing systems
Spent nuclear fuel handling systems
Spent nuclear fuel storage systems and equipment
Specialized nuclear manufacturing systems
Neutron beam equipment
Neutron beam shielding
Modular hot cells
Structural hot cells
Gloveboxes and enclosures
Radioactive chemical laboratories (Rad-Lab)
Controlled environmental test chambers
Commercial nuclear power plant systems and infrastructure
Specialized research equipment
Auxiliary systems for reactor and accelerator research facilities
These services are provided under an audited and mature (15 years) ASME NQA-1 Quality Program that covers design, fabrication, and construction of nuclear facilities and systems in the United States, and a N286.2 Quality Program for the design of nuclear facilities and systems in Canada.

Mechanical engineering
Process engineering
Electrical engineering
Structural engineering and seismic analysis
Civil engineering
Instrumentation and controls engineering
Nuclear engineering
ASME NQA-1 compliant quality assurance program for design and fabrication services
Fabrication management
Construction management
Nuclear 3-D mechanical systems design and modeling
Radioactive material handling facility construction management
Nuclear material handling equipment fabrication management
Nuclear facility feasibility studies and conceptual designs
Nuclear facility construction support services

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Address: 2450 S Peoria
Number of employees:500
Company type:Limited
Ownership 1:Employee Owned
Year created:1955
Capital:$40M US
Qualifications:ASME NQA-1

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