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R&D Company 'Sosny'

Research and Development Company “Sosny” was founded in May 1992 (Certificate УЛА No.001516 on State Registration).

R&D Company “Sosny” is involved in almost all stages of nuclear cycle:

. Arranges transportation of fresh and spent fuel from research and commercial reactors of Russia and other countries, develops and justifies schemes for the safe transportation.

. Develops technologies and equipment for preparation of damaged SNF for the transport or long-term storage.

. Develops automatic systems for industrial control, radiation monitoring, video surveillance and communication, etc.

. Develops transport means, equipment and tools for loading and transportation of the spent fuel.

. Prepares documents for certification of transport means and casks.

. Designs in-pool test stands for nuclear power plants including measurement instruments and automation systems, assembles equipment in SNF pools at nuclear power plants, and conducts personnel training.

. Provides consultations in development, operation and optimization of nuclear fuel for power-grade reactors.

. Develops programs, methods and equipment for post-irradiation in-cell examinations and in-reactor tests of the spent fuel.

. Conducts analytical surveys of the SNF condition and behavior including assessment of influence of the performance-determining factors, analysis of compliance with the performance and safe operation criteria.

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Address: Office B 405, Bldg 11,
Pollars Business Center,
Derbenevskaya Quay,
Number of employees:150
Company type:Limited
Year created:1992
Qualifications:BS EN ISO 9001:2008

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