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Gamma Medica-Ideas (Norway) AS

The Gamma Medica, Inc. Industrial Division Imaging (IDI), is based in Norway and is formerly known as IDEAS ASA. IDI develops radiation detector systems for a wide range of applications and creates highly integrated detector readout data acquisition systems for image sensors and radiation spectroscopy in particular using solid state detectors such as Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CdZnTe). Our IDI team also designs the electronic interconnect and electro-mechanical assemblies for high-level integration with systems and applications.

The imaging division has developed application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) since 1992. IDI delivers readout integrated circuits (ROICs) to commercial and scientific customers worldwide. Continuous engineering work has led to a predictable development process and reliable circuits. The IDI ASICs are used in satellite space missions and in commercial products. Since 2005, IDI delivers all electronic data acquisition systems for the Pre-Clinical Imaging and Clinical Imaging Divisions of Gamma Medica, Inc. IDI employs engineers, researchers and technicians to accomplish the entire design and development process for radiation detector readout systems on ASICs and the integration with sensors.

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Address: Martin Linges Vei 25
Pob. 1 Fornebu
Number of employees:11
Company type:Limited
Year created:1992

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