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Frontier Pitts Ltd

Frontier-Pitts is more than a manufacturer of perimeter security equipment. From the United Kingdom headquarters in Crawley, Sussex, Frontier-Pitts can provide a complete range of services including design, site surveys, manufacture, installation, civil and electrical services, maintenance, spares, repair or refurbishment and full project management.

Frontier Pitts has been qualified to ISO 9001 standard.

Our products include manual equipment, automatic rising arm barriers, sliding gates, hinged gates, bi-folding speed gates, actuators, roadblockers, hydraulic bollards, pedestrian gates and turnstiles. Frontier Pitts Anti Terra range is the complete range of PAS 68 impact tested products. The Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate has also been tested to CWA CEN 16221

Our expertise in design and manufacture is the result of over 90 years experience. Since Frontier Gate Systems and Pitts Security were founded in the early 1960’s, the company has been meeting perimeter security needs throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. All Frontier Pitts products are British made and with 25% of production exported, we currently have equipment installed in more than 91 countries worldwide. We maintain our position at the cutting edge of the foreign marketplace with satellite offices in France, Hong Kong and China. Frontier Pitts are listed on Government Approved Suppliers List and is also accredited by various other companies nationwide.

Frontier Pitts have invested in plant, transport, technology and directly employed personnel – currently 95 - to serve our customers with a fully comprehensive customer service programme

From Frontier Pitts Sales Department, through to Installations, Manufacturing, Research & Development, After-sales & Engineering and Maintenance Departments, our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel ensure Frontier Pitts always have a solution for your security requirements. Our range of services complements our breadth of product range to make Frontier Pitts the one stop manufacturer of perimeter security equipment.

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Manor Royal Industrial Estate
RH10 9QZ
Number of employees:95
Company type:Frontier Pitts Ltd
Year created:1991
Qualifications:ISO 9001

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