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ISCO Industries, LLC is a global customized piping solutions provider based in Louisville, KY (USA). ISCO is the nation’s largest HDPE pipe and fitting supplier and fabricator, which allows us to offer you the industry’s lowest cost. We provide solutions for various Nuclear Power Generation, Mining, Oil and Gas, fire protection piping, Waterworks and Municipality, geothermal, industrial, landfill and culvert-lining applications worldwide.


Nuclear Power: ISCO also recently received the ASME NA and NPT stamps for nuclear applications as well as the ASME QSC. Currently in the US there are 104 commercial-generating nuclear units in 30 states, which account for nearly 20% of US electric production. The need for this essential power source to remain functioning safely and efficiently is imperative. ISCO Industries has experience providing piping materials to the nuclear market for cooling water, plant water and safety-related applications.

ISCO has the experience necessary to find the right pipe and fittings for most nuclear projects, as we did at Callaway. We ensured that the project was done according to the proper procedure. ISCO provided all HDPE materials, fusion equipment, and on-site comprehensive training for Callaway employees, inspectors and contractors.

ISCO Industries is the only HDPE solution provider to carry ASME, N-Type Nuclear Stamp and ISO9001 as well as the FM Factory Mutual Fire safety one.

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Address: 926 Baxter Avenue
Number of employees:300
Company type:Llc
Ownership 1:Jim Kirchdorfer
Ownership 2:Mark Kirchdorfer
subsidiaries:28 stocking locations, 10 fabricating plants

Year created:1962
Qualifications:NA, NPT, ASME, FM

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