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The Gammadata company was founded in 1986 by scientists at Uppsala University, with the task to participate in the extensive measurement effort necessary after the Chernobyl accident. The Gammadata group is today 5 companies; Gammadata Matteknik AB, Gammadata Burklint AB, Gammadata Scienta AB, Gammadata Scienta KK and Gammadata Finland Oy. Today we supply with our own developed products in the field of ionizing radiation and atomic physics instrumentation and we are the distributor of instrumentation from several leading US and European companies.

The Gammadata group have experts in the atomic and nuclear physics, electronics, optics, lasers, computer technology, programming and prototype manufacturing. Our priorities are high quality and ease of use. Gammadata Matteknik has a structured environmental management system and is since May 29, 1998 certified by the international standard ISO 14001 (Cert no 1410597) and since april 1999 registred by the European standard EMAS, Eco Management and Audit Scheme (Reg no S-ES-00009). Owned by employees and Uppsala University, the company currently employs about 50 people.

Gammadata Instrument AB was founded 1992 with the task to distribute high technology equipment and components in the field of atomic and nuclear physics, electronics, optics and lasers. We are divided into five business areas; Analysis instruments, Components, Educational systems, Health Physics and Nuclear systems. We have a well developed service and support organisation with access to an advanced engineering workshop. Today we are 12 employees and has well developed service and support organisation with access to an advanced engineering workshop. Our application engineers can advise on equipment selection & operation and are also valuable consultants when you need to develop your own measuring technology. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and have implemented ISO 9001:2000.

Address: P O Box 15120
SE-750 15
Number of employees:11
Company type:limited
Ownership 1:100% Gammadata
Year created:1992
Qualifications:ISO 9001
Products: Access control / Security / Fire protection:
Explosive detection
Safeguard consultancy/systems
Traffic barriers
X-ray detection systems

Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Air monitoring and samplers
Electronic personnel dosimeters & associated equipment
Hand held monitoring equipment
Lead shielding
Monitors, hand feet body surface
Neutron dosimeters and associated services
Shielding engineering and design
Swipes/Wipe test counters
TL materials
Tritium monitoring
Whole Body Counters

Irradiation / Sources / Accelerators:
Irradiation services, gamma
Sources: calibration
Sources: gamma

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Air monitors
Alpha detectors
Alpha/Beta counting systems
Beta detectors
Coolant activity/monitoring systems
Cooling water outlet monitoring
Dosimeters (for Sterilisation)
Gamma detectors
Gamma-Ray analysis software
Gammaspectrometers/Multi Channel Analyzers
Gammaspectrometers/Multi Channel Analyzers (portable)
Gate monitors
Ion chambers
Laundry radiation monitoring
Mobile radiological monitoring laboratory
Off-gas monitoring
Off-site radioactivity monitoring system
Proportional counters
Radiation detection engineering
Radiation monitoring gates for cars/trucks
Radon detection
Sample radiation analysis
Scintilliation cristals
Testing, Calibration, Maintenance
Tool monitors
Transport containers monitoring
Turnkey radiation detection systems
Vehicle monitors
Ventilation radiation monitoring
Waste radiation monitoring
X-ray detection and measurement

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