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Address: P.O. Box 1450
Laurel, MD
Products: Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Air monitoring and samplers
Alpha/Beta shielding
Bags PVC, poly
Bags stands
Concrete shielding
Depleted Uranium shielding
Dose calculation software
Electronic personnel dosimeters & associated equipment
Film badges
General HP supplies
Hand held monitoring equipment
HP personnel
HP services
Lead glass/plastic and shielding windows
Lead shielding
Local ventilation/High efficiency filtering systems
Monitors, hand feet body surface
Neutron dosimeters and associated services
Neutron shielding
Protective clothing leasing
Radioprotection planning, analysis and engineering
Respiratory protection equipment
Shielding engineering and design
Swipes/Wipe test counters
Tape, Labels & Signs
Temporary contamination control enclosures
Whole Body Counters

Laboratory, Test and Research Reactor Equipment:
Analytical Laboratory Services
Glove box/Hoods equipment
Hot cells
Hot laboratory and associated equipment
Hot laboratory services

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Air monitors
Alpha detectors
Bags radiation monitoring
Beta detectors
Fission chambers
Gamma detectors
Gammaspectrometers/Multi Channel Analyzers
Gate monitors
Ion chambers
Laundry radiation monitoring
Mobile radiological monitoring laboratory
Neutron detectors, Out of core
Neutron flux measurement/mapping systems
Proportional counters
Radiation detection engineering
Radiation monitoring gates for cars/trucks
Radon detection
Scintilliation detectors
Transport containers monitoring
Vehicle monitors

Health physics

Transport and Containers:
Post loading leakage test equipment
Transport management consultancy
Transport of low/medium level radioactive materials

Waste (other than Fuel and High Level):
LLW/ILW waste treatment, conditioning and disposal equipment
LLW/ILW waste treatment, conditioning services

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