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Saphymo is a European leader in the field of radioactivity measuring equipment with more than 30 years experience.

A partner with the main operators of nuclear industry in France and abroad in many environmental and human radiation protection projects, its capabilities and experience guarantee efficient and reliable operations.

Saphymo's product line covers a wide range of business sectors such as operational dosimetry, environment radiation detection or monitoring. Saphymo has also asserted itself as the European leader for personnel and vehicle access control portals.
Saphymo engineering department also design innovating systems to satisfy various requirements associated with radioactivity detection and measurement.

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Address: 5 rue du Theatre
Massy Cedex
Number of employees:140
Company type:Limited
subsidiaries:Saphymo GmbH (Genitron Instruments)

Heerstrasse 149
D – 60488 Frankfurt am Main
Tel ++49 (0) 69-976 51 40
Fax ++49 (0) 69-76 53 27

Saphymo Italia

Vico C; Paggi, 4/11
I – 16128 – Genova
Tel ++39 01 025 129 78
Fax ++39 01 025 121 14

Year created:1952
Capital:998 570 €
Qualifications:ISO 9001/2000
Products: Access control / Security / Fire protection:
Access control and security engineering
Personnel control turnstiles
Safeguard consultancy/systems

Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Air monitoring and samplers
Electronic personnel dosimeters & associated equipment
Hand held monitoring equipment
Monitors, hand feet body surface
Radioprotection planning, analysis and engineering

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Air monitors
Alpha detectors
Beta detectors
Cooling water outlet monitoring
Dosimeters (for Sterilisation)
Gamma detectors
Gate monitors
Leak testing
Proportional counters
Radiation detection engineering
Radiation monitoring gates for cars/trucks
Testing, Calibration, Maintenance
Transport containers monitoring
Turnkey radiation detection systems
Vehicle monitors

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Gas detection and analysers

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