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Address: ZAC de Courcelle
1 route de la Noue
Gif sur Yvette
Ownership 1:100% Areva
Products: Cleaning / Decontamination:
Chemical cleaning/decontamination
Cleaning/Decontamination services
CO2 cleaning/decontamination
Concrete cleaning/decontamination
Decontamination for dismantling/decommissioning
High pressure cleaning/decontamination
Laundry cleaning/decontamination
Primary circuit chemical decontamination
Primary circuit components decontamination
Primary circuit Electropolishing
Reactor pool cleaning/decontamination
Spent fuel pool cleaning/decontamination
Steam Generator secondary side high pressure cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning/decontamination
Vessel (other than reactor) cleaning/decontamination

Decommissioning/Dismantling of small facilities/laboratories
Dismantling technology
Front end engineering
Initial characterization of installation
Pipe cutting
Remote handling technology
Surveillance and monitoring systems

Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Air monitoring and samplers
Gamma imaging
HP personnel
HP services
Radioprotection planning, analysis and engineering

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Pool water purification systems

Specialised Inspection and Maintenance:
SG channel head decontamination
SG sludge lancing (secondary)

Transport and Containers:
Packaging licensing expertise
Packaging testing

Waste (other than Fuel and High Level):
LLW/ILW waste treatment, conditioning services
Waste management consultant & engineering

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