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Fillworth (UK) Limited

Fillworth (UK) has extensive experience in both Solids & Liquids mixing, also in the design of process equipment, Fillworth (UK) Limited has evolved to become one of the UK`s most advanced Process Equipment Manufacturer`s.
Fillworth (UK) Limited have successfully supplied various customised Machinery & completed projects in many regions of the World and across a wide range of Industry.
Fillworth (UK) Limited philosophy is to provide Customers with High Quality Service & ensure that the Design, Planning, Construction & Cost objectives are met on whatever project is being undertaken.
Fillworth (UK) Limited strength is that all Machines are Designed & Engineered to suit the Customer`s individual requirements on Process & Product specifications.
Fillworth (UK) Limited engage in extensive consultations with the Customer throughout the Design & Manufacturing stages to ensure all relevant criteria are taken into account, thus resulting in the ideal Process Solution for the Project.
Fillworth (UK) Limited can offer existing or potential Customer`s comprehensive trials to develop Mixing & Process requirements on site at the Customer`s or alternatively at Fillworth (UK) Limited based in Gateshead, in addition to this Fillworth (UK) Limited uses computer simulation facilities to Guarantee the most effective & efficient processing solution is established before a Project is undertaken.

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Address: Unit 2, Baltic Road
Number of employees:20
Company type:Limited
2010 turnover:1.2m
2011 turnover:1.24m
2012 turnover:1.5m
Ownership 1:50
Ownership 2:50

Year created:1974
Capital:British Pounds

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