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JNT Technical Services Inc

JNT Technical Services Inc. is a manufacturer and designer of specialized performance and maintenance equipment for the power generation and other energy related industries. JNT also represents and distributes many innovative products and services along with manufacturing its own products based on numerous design and utility Patents in the U.S. and overseas (other patents pending). Products include: Torq N' Seal FWH/ Condenser Heat Exchanger Plugs; Porta-Safe Electrical Distribution Panels and Induction Bolt Heating Equipment; Reactor Maintenance Tools; Infra-View Infrared Heat Detection Equipment.

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Address: 85 Industrial Avenue
Little Ferry
New Jersey
Company type:Corporation
Year created:1980
Qualifications:ISO 9002
Products: Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Condenser and heat exchanger tube plugs
Electrical equipment maintenance
Feedwater heaters
Heat Exchangers
Stud removal tools and services
Turbine inspection and maintenance

Power Plant Electrical Devices:
Power distribution: Low voltage (120, 240 VAC, 260 VAC)
Power distribution: Medium voltage (480 VAC)
Power supplies

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Alignment Tools (Turbine)
Feedwater heaters (high pressure)
Feedwater heaters (low pressure)
Machining equipment and services
Pipe Cutting And Beveling Machines
Turbine maintenance tools

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