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China Yaao Forged Valve Co., Ltd

China Yaao Valve Company specializes in producing Forged Steel Gate Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve, Forged Ball Valve, Pneumatic Valve Actuator & Valve Limited Switch with unique design features, Yaoo forged valves comply with the API 602, CE, TS, ISO and other international standards. Our porducts are widly used in various industrial sergments, such as Chemical, Petro Chemical, Oil & Natural Gas, Power, Refineries, Industrial Plants and many other industries. Over the years, Yaao Valve has become one of the leading manufacturers of forged steel valve and got solid reputation for our reliable quality and competitive price in this area.

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Address: NO. 111, Caoli Road, Fengjing Town, Jinshan District
Number of employees:500
Company type:limited liability company
2010 turnover:8800000
2011 turnover:13000500
2012 turnover:30800000
Ownership 1:60%
Ownership 2:35%
Ownership 3:25%
Year created:2004

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