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Sogin is the Italian state owned company responsible for the decommissioning of Italian nuclear plants and the management of radioactive wastes. Sogin is also in charge of the siting, designing, building and operating of the National Repository, an environmental near surface facility for the safe long term storage and disposal of all radioactive wastes: a right of Italian citizens and a need for the Country.
Sogin has been operating since 2001. It became a Group in 2004 through the acquisition of the majority stake (60%) of Nucleco SpA, the national operator responsible for collecting, treating, conditioning and the temporary storage of radioactive wastes and radioactive sources generated by medicine, industrial and scientific and technological research activities.
The employees of the Group are selected and trained with the aim of excellence. They include nuclear, civil, mechanical, chemical and environmental engineers, physicists, geologists, biologists and radiation protection and material science experts. They constitute the most highly skilled team of professional experts in the management of radioactive wastes and the decommissioning of nuclear plants in Italy, able also to compete and win in the international market.

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Address: via marsala 51 c
Number of employees:953
Company type:limited
Ownership 1:100% Ministry of Economy and Finance
subsidiaries:Nucleco -60% stakes

Year created:2001
Qualifications:ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 ISO 14001:2004

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