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Nuvia Nordic AB

We are a performance driven company, committed to the development of our people
within a culture of safety, innovation and excellence.

Subsidiary of VINCI Construction and division of the worldleading VINCI Group, NUVIA is an international company that operates worldwide on highly regulated and sensitive industrial sites, and has done for decades. We have been involved in
all the major nuclear projects in the world thanks to our solid and historical expertise.

Today, NUVIA is a keypartner for highly demanding industries that place regulatory requirements and safety at the top of their priorities. Our clients can also count on NUVIA for cutting-edge support services and solutions. With three ranges of NUVIATech products, NUVIA is a leading designer and supplier of sophisticated radiation protection and detection instruments, as valuable in Healthcare, protection, as in radioactivity geolocation

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Address: Flemminggatan 2
602 24
Number of employees:150
Company type:Limited (AB)
2011 turnover:100 000 000
2012 turnover:110 000 000
subsidiaries:Radiation Protection technicians.
Specialists and operationnel rad technicians services.
Planning and conducting radiological surveys and radiological calculations.
Project and Decommissioning
Planning and managing Decomissioning activities Maintenance and Installation. Reactor services and Containment Works.
Managing and support FME work.
Waste Management.

Year created:2011
Qualifications:ISO 9001, ISO 45001

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