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GNB Gesellschaft fuer Nuklear-Behaelter mbH

GNB has manufactured and delivered over 600 CASTOR® and CONSTOR® casks until now.

Besides deliveries within Germany, these casks have also been supplied in the past to such countries as France, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, USA, Czech Republic and South Africa. Due to the recent contract awarded for the accommodation of spent fuel from the Italian nuclear power plants, the number of casks delivered will soon reach 700.

The market leadership has been obtained by early developments of cask designs and the associated issuance of cask licences. In this way, GNB now has Type B(U) licences for casks with fuel from both BWR and PWR plants, from reactors of the types RBMK, VVER 1000 and VVER 440, as well as from MTR research reactors and for the return of vitrified high level wastes from reprocessing.

The product range essentially consists of two cask lines, the CASTOR® and the CONSTOR®. The CASTOR® (CAsk for Storage and Transport Of Radioactive Material) is made with a ductile cast iron body, the CONSTOR® (Steel and CONcrete cask for Storage and Transport Of Radioactive Material) is a steel/concrete cask.

With respect to manufacturing, both product lines, CASTOR® and CONSTOR®, can be partially or completely fabricated in the Purchaser's country relatively easily so that a creation of value as large as possible remains in their own country. In the case that a qualified foundry is not present for the production of ductile cast iron, our steel/concrete CONSTOR® casks can be used, for this purpose, qualified steel and concrete companies must be available.

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Address: Hollestrasse 7A
Ownership 1:55 % GNS Gesellschaft fuer Nuklear-Service mbH
Ownership 2:45 % NUKEM Nuklear GmbH
subsidiaries:GNSI General Nuclear Systems Inc.
Columbia, South Carolina

Year created:1991
Products: Fuel Cycle and High Level Waste:
Spent fuel storage casks

Transport and Containers:
Spent fuel storage and shipping casks
Transport of spent fuel

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