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Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB
Address: Tegnér, Utvecklingsgränd 33Bränslefabriken
Products: Access control / Security / Fire protection:
Fire protection engineering

Analysis, Consultancy, Specialist Services:
Chemical and radiochemistry
Fire protection
Human factor
Plant life time extension/ageing
Probabilistic Risk and Safety Assessment
Safety Analysis
Upgrading engineering and services

Conventional Inspection and Maintenance:
Batteries maintenance
Dye and fluorescent penetrants
Eddy current inspection
Inspection and maintenance services
Inspection and maintenance tools
Magnetic particle inspection
Pipe crawlers
Radiographic inspection (Gamma)
Radiographic inspection (X-ray)
Robotic equipment/manipulators
Ultrasonic inspection
Visual inspection and cameras (non radiation resistant)
Visual inspection and cameras (radiation resistant)

Dismantling technology
Pipe cutting
Remote handling technology
Segmentation of the pressure vessel

Fuel Cycle and High Level Waste:
Deep geologic repository engineering & design
Fuel and HLW treatment technologies
Fuel assemblies: conventional (PWR/BWR)
Fuel cladding
Fuel consolidation
Fuel cycle facilities engineering
Fuel design
Fuel engineering
Fuel inspection equipment and services (spent fuel)
Fuel performance analysis
Fuel racks
Fuel testing and research
HLW treatment
Leaking fuel rod detection
Refueling equipment and manipulators
Refueling services
Spent fuel storage casks
Spent fuel storage construction
Spent fuel storage design and engineering
Spent fuel storage, wet

Health Physics (other than Radiation Detection):
Dose calculation software
Radioprotection planning, analysis and engineering

Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC):
Complete nuclear air treatment systems
HVAC equipment

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Off-gas monitoring

Power Plant Instrumentation and Control:
Control panels
Data Acquisition Systems
Data processing systems
Hydrogen in water
I&C systems engineering
Instrumentation for accidental conditions
Instrumentation for normal operation
Instrumentation testing/calibration/repair
Level monitoring
Oxygen in water
Process instrumentation & control equipment
Reactor water level monitoring
Safety Parameter Display Systems
Steam Generator level monitoring
Water chemistry instrumentation

Power Plant Materials and Equipment (others):
Water treatment equipment
Water treatment/makeup water plants and systems

Pumps / Valves / Pipes / Tubing:
Valves: Isolation

Reactors, NSSS Main Components:
BWR design and engineering
Nuclear Steam Supply Systems
PWR design and engineering
Reactor control rods, drives and mechanisms
Reactor pressure vessels
Steam Generators and associated components

Specialised Inspection and Maintenance:
BWR internal core spray inspection
BWR Nozzle inspection
BWR shroud inspection
BWR shroud repair and replacement
Control rod drives and mechanisms
Control rods inspection
Flux thimbles maintenance and replacement
Piping inspection
Reactor internals inspection
Refueling equipment maintenance
Refueling services
RPV annealing
RPV closure head inspection
RPV drain
RPV flange
RPV head disassembly/reassembly
RPV inspection
RPV penetrations inspection
RPV stuck stud removal
RPV stud hole inspection
RPV stud hole repair
RPV welds inspection
SG robotics (primary)
SG ultrasonic inspection
SG visual inspection

Training center for maintenance operations

Waste (other than Fuel and High Level):
Carbon adsorption
Cutting equipment
Dewatering systems
Gaseous effluents treatment
Liquid radwaste treatment
Off-gas treatment systems
Plasma arc cutting
Waste management consultant & engineering
Waste management software
Waste management systems design
Waste treament plants safety assessment
Water jet cutting
Water shield plasma cutting

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