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K&S Associates, Inc.

Independent Calibration Laboratory Services

K&S is an accredited calibration laboratory providing independent calibration services on all types and manufacturers of radiation instruments. Some manufacturers provide technical information to certain third party calibration laboratories that permits repairs and updates to be provided to customers. For example, K&S is an authorized repair and calibration facility for manufacturers such as PTW, Unfors, NEL / Bicron and we have 18 years of experience repairing instruments -some no longer supported by the manufacturer. Other manufacturers such as Inovisioin (selling previous Keithley and Victoreen instruments) and Radcal do not provide any technical information and thus K&S does not provide repairs or upgrades on these instruments.

We do, however, provide calibration services for Keithley, Victoreen and Radcal instruments as well as all other brands to organizations, individuals and asset management groups for the following reasons:

1. We calibrate all brands. You do not have to issue PO's to numerous different manufacturers and accept the prevailing prices and turn-around time.

2. We can usually provide high quality calibrations at lower cost. This is especially true of large groups of instruments having a variety of manufacturers.

3. We can customize the labeling and reporting of calibration reports and provide timely reminders to key personnel.

4. We are accredited by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine for dosimetry calibrations, accredited by the Health Physics Society for survey instrument calibrations and have ISO 9002 registration with Underwriters Laboratories.

5. If we cannot calibrate the instrument and/or it requires service by the manufacturer, K&S will expedite the unit back to the manufacturer with a description of the problem. Upon return to K&S after repair, we will check out the unit and ensure the repair was properly completed. And the best part is that we will not charge you for either the initial or final check - only the shipping and the charges from the manufacturer. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that an instrument expert has checked the adequacy of the repair.

K & S has been in the physics consulting business since 1974, providing on-site inspections (for regulatory compliance), etc to hospitals and clinics in several states. These inspections include, x-ray inspections, accelerator inspections, leak tests, shielding surveys, etc. We also design therapy, x-ray and industrial facilities for the appropriate shielding to protect operators and public.

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Address: 1926 Elm Tree Drive
Nashville, TN
Number of employees:13
Company type:Corporation
Ownership 1:Thomas W. Slowey
Ownership 2:L. Vivian Denton
Year created:1973
Qualifications:ISO 9002, AAPM, HPS
Products: Irradiation / Sources / Accelerators:
Sources: calibration

Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detection:
Leak testing
Testing, Calibration, Maintenance
X-ray detection and measurement

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