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Demolition and dismantling work
Purchaser: JEN Jülicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft für Nuklearanlagen mbH, posted on 24 March 18
Analysis of samples using gamma spectrometry
Purchaser: IRSN, posted on 24 March 18
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With the help of its members, maintains a database of more than 2000 Nuclear Suppliers worldwide.

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Rados (Finland)
MGP (France)
Diakont (Russia)

Sunday 25 March 2018
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Japan restarts Genkai nuclear reactor after 7yr halt despite locals’ protest
RT, 24/03/2018
Czech Republic - ČEZ split looking unlikely as ministers oppose idea, 23/03/2018
Finland - IAEA reviews safety at Olkiluoto 3 ahead of start-up
WNN, 23/03/2018
Seventh Japanese reactor restarted
WNN, 23/03/2018
U.S. Is Not Saudi Arabia’s Only Option For Nuclear Power, 23/03/2018
IEA sees record energy sector emissions in 2017
WNN, 22/03/2018
USA - Pipe robot aids enrichment plant decommissioning
WNN, 22/03/2018
Drones to venture into Fukushima containment vessels
WNN, 22/03/2018
Japan - Proposed storage of spent nuclear fuel sparks resistance in Aomori Pref. city
The Mainichi, 22/03/2018
UAE - Arab world's first nuclear reactor delayed again over training
Reuters, 22/03/2018
USA - Autonomous robots to aid decommissioning of nuclear facility
Power Technology, 21/03/2018
Lower cost advanced Nuclear power could dominate future US energy
Next Big Future, 21/03/2018
US regulator highlights transformation goals
WNN, 21/03/2018
UK peers reject Euratom exit plan
WNN, 21/03/2018
China launches new uranium enrichment centrifuges
WNN, 21/03/2018