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Latest business opportunities:
Identification and removal services of radioactive materials
Purchaser: City of Toronto, posted on 14 January 17
Whole-body counter measurements for committed effective dose assessment of exposed workers
Purchaser: European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy, Directorate D — Nuclear Energy, Safety and ITER, posted on 14 January 17
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With the help of its members, maintains a database of more than 2000 Nuclear Suppliers worldwide.

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Rados (Finland)
MGP (France)
Diakont (Russia)

Friday 20 January 2017
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Public engagement crucial to nuclear industry, says NEA
WNN, 19/01/2017
Californian carbon emissions higher due to nuclear closures
WNN, 19/01/2017
South Africa - Nuclear the only viable option – Eskom’s atomic chief, David Nicholls
BizNews, 19/01/2017
Japan - 2 more nuclear reactors in Kyushu pass safety checks
Japan Today, 19/01/2017
China approved no new nuclear power units in 2016
gbtimes, 19/01/2017
South Ukraine NPP shuts down 3rd power unit over possible US nuclear fuel problems
TASS, 19/01/2017
Nuclear power station safety: German nuclear watchdog examines case of Tihange
Brussels Times, 19/01/2017
Japan - Toshiba's nuclear loss could top $4.4bn
Nikkei Asian Review, 19/01/2017
Cameco responds to 'discrepancy' in analyst expectations
WNN, 18/01/2017
Japan - 1,130 cracks, 70% rigidity lost at Onagawa reactor building
Asahi Shimbun, 18/01/2017
European Commission approves Areva restructuring plan
WNN, 17/01/2017
USA - Fracking Blamed For Early Closure Of NY Nuclear Plant
Forbes, 17/01/2017
Australia - Environmental approval for Yeelirrie
WNN, 17/01/2017
US-India Deal For Nuclear Plant on Track to Be Finalized This Year
Sputnik International, 17/01/2017
USA - Moniz: Bid to revive Nevada nuclear waste dump doomed
Electric Light & Power, 16/01/2017