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North America

To Revive U.S. Nuclear Power, Learn From Canada
InsideSources, 25/05/2018

Alliance launched to highlight nuclear on world stage
WNN, 24/05/2018

U.S. and partners form international alliance to push nuclear power
Reuters, 24/05/2018

IEA warns nuclear may miss long-term target
WNN, 23/05/2018

USA - GNF to fuel Entergy BWRs with advanced fuel
WNN, 23/05/2018

USA - New Jersey governor signs nuclear power subsidy bill into law
Reuters, 23/05/2018

USA - Supreme Court to consider Virginia uranium ban
WNN, 22/05/2018

USA - New Jersey Governor Plans to Sign Nuclear Bailout Bill
Bloomberg, 22/05/2018

USA - Small Nuclear Passes a Milestone – But Does it Have a Future?
U.S. News & World Report, 22/05/2018

USA - Dominion Energy invests in GE Hitachi SMR
WNN, 21/05/2018

Framatome wins US generator services contract
WNN, 18/05/2018

USA - Progress for WIPP infrastructure upgrade
WNN, 17/05/2018

Perry scraps completion of US MOX facility
WNN, 16/05/2018

USA - NuScale's Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Passes Biggest Hurdle Yet
Forbes, 15/05/2018

One-Fourth of U.S. Nuclear Plants Are at Risk of Early Retirement
Bloomberg, 15/05/2018

Alaska’s Only Nuclear Plant Will Be Decommissioned
Power Magazine, 15/05/2018

Will NASA Go Nuclear to Return to the Moon?
Scientific American, 15/05/2018

US representatives vote to revive Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump
Bellona, 14/05/2018

Advocacy to Keep U.S. Nuclear Reactors Open Picks Up Steam
Energy Collective, 14/05/2018

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Western Europe

France - Framatome to supply EDF with reprocessed uranium fuel
WNN, 25/05/2018

New UK nuclear power plants 'hinge on deal between Hitachi and government'
The Guardian, 25/05/2018

Germany to compensate utilities for nuclear phaseout losses
WNN, 24/05/2018

UK industry welcomes clarity on Euratom R&D
WNN, 23/05/2018

Berlin agrees to compensate power firms for nuclear phase out
The, 23/05/2018

Who will run nuclear power plants in the future?
IAEA, 22/05/2018

Hitachi: British nuclear plant decision this month
NHK, 21/05/2018

UK - NNL stresses nuclear industry's need to innovate
WNN, 18/05/2018

UK Government 'to finance' Wylfa Newydd nuclear plant
BBC News, 17/05/2018

UK missing deadlines for post-Brexit nuclear safeguards, leak shows
The Guardian, 16/05/2018

IAEA Trains Young Professionals in Nuclear Infrastructure Development
IAEA, 16/05/2018

The Netherlands - Petten reactor starts supplying Xenon-133
WNN, 15/05/2018

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Eastern Europe

Extension of Armenian nuclear power plant’s service life agreed upon with European Union, minister says
Arka News Agency, 25/05/2018

Rosatom plans to bid for tender for construction of Belene NPP in Bulgaria
TASS, 22/05/2018

Russia - Floating plant arrives at Murmansk for fueling
WNN, 21/05/2018

Bulgaria open to Russian role in nuclear power project
Reuters, 21/05/2018

Russia committed to build more nuclear power units in India: Indian envoy to Russia
Economic Times, 20/05/2018

Russia unveils world’s first floating nuclear power station
Hurriyet Daily News, 20/05/2018

Rosatom expands overseas links with new agreements
WNN, 16/05/2018

Poland needs offshore wind and nuclear power, says official
Reuters, 15/05/2018

Bulgaria PM plans to restart second atomic power project
EurActiv, 15/05/2018

Poland's PGE not decided to withdraw from nuclear project - minister
Reuters, 14/05/2018

Bulgarian government to seek mandate for talks with investors over nuclear plant
Reuters, 12/05/2018

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China - Fifth Yangjiang unit connected to grid
WNN, 25/05/2018

Philippines - 5 myths about Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, debunked
Philippine Star, 24/05/2018

China's first indigenous nuclear power plant 'nerve-center' starts functioning
ECNS, 24/05/2018

Call for nuclear revival in power-hungry Philippines
The Straits Times, 23/05/2018

Japanese utility seeks to start up new reactor
WNN, 22/05/2018

Storage capacity of radioactive water at Fukushima power plant nears limit
Japan News, 19/05/2018

Japan backs role of nuclear power in 2030 energy plan
Reuters, 16/05/2018

Taiwan - Ma-anshan No. 1 reactor restart approved by AEC
Taipei Times, 15/05/2018

Eighth Japanese reactor resumes power generation
WNN, 14/05/2018

Japan - 20-22% share of nuclear power at core of updated energy policy
Asahi Shimbun, 14/05/2018

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Rest of the World

Why nuclear power for African countries doesn’t make sense, 22/05/2018

Small modular reactors offer great promise but face major challenges
Creamer Media's Engineering News, 18/05/2018

South Africa - Nuclear build needs better management to beat its track record - report
Fin24, 18/05/2018

China to help Uganda build nuclear power plants
Reuters, 17/05/2018

Brazil - Long-term safety review for Angra 1
WNN, 14/05/2018

China and Uganda agree to nuclear cooperation
WNN, 14/05/2018

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