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North America

Canada - Report paints grim picture of Fukushima-scale nuclear accident in Pickering
Toronto Metro, 18/03/2018

Bill Gates has a joint venture with China Nuclear Corp to build Traveling Wave Nuclear Reactor
Next Big Future, 18/03/2018

Russia infiltrated Kansas nuclear plant's business network, FBI and DHS say
Kansas City Star, 16/03/2018

U.S. nuclear power regulator urged to reject limits on cyber protections
Reuters, 16/03/2018

USA - NRC issues confirmatory order for Entergy violations
WNN, 15/03/2018

Canada to boost nuclear power to help meet climate target, 15/03/2018

US uranium producers expand opportunities
WNN, 14/03/2018

French-US firms create storage JV in Texas
WNN, 14/03/2018

USA - Economics shelves FPL nuclear units at Turkey Point
Miami Today, 13/03/2018

USA - Legislators tackle failed nuclear plant issue
The Gazette, 13/03/2018

Canada - Bruce Power partners in climate change study
WNN, 13/03/2018

USA - Congress Hasn’t Given up on Nuclear Power
Futurism, 11/03/2018

USA - White House report highlights nuclear achievements
WNN, 09/03/2018

Nuclear fusion on brink of being realised, say MIT scientists
The Guardian, 09/03/2018

USA - Milestone agreements for Vermont Yankee transfer
WNN, 07/03/2018

International nuclear fusion project seeks reversal of Trump budget cuts
Reuters, 07/03/2018

USA - Hatch unit restarts with accident-tolerant fuel
WNN, 07/03/2018

USA - NorthStar wants to buy shuttered Vermont Yankee nuke plant
PennEnergy, 05/03/2018

USA - NJ plant owners suspend funding pending legislation
WNN, 05/03/2018

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Western Europe

Nuclear fusion may be our great green hope
The Times, 19/03/2018

UK explains 'enabling regulation' approach
WNN, 16/03/2018

UK - Hinkley Point C quality management needs improvement, says nuclear regulator
New Civil Engineer, 16/03/2018

The Netherlands: Framatome upgraded Borssele nuclear power plant’s digital i&c system
POWER magazine, 16/03/2018

UK firm sees year-end launch of pulsed power device
WNN, 15/03/2018

UK nuclear project needs better supply chain management - regulator
Reuters, 15/03/2018

France - EDF confident that lifespan of its reactors can be extended
Reuters, 15/03/2018

France considers developing mini nuclear reactors, eyes cost
euronews, 15/03/2018

Europe - Terrestrial signs IMSR fuel testing contract
WNN, 14/03/2018

Italy - Eni supports commercial fusion initiative
WNN, 12/03/2018

Areva and Siemens settle Finland nuclear plant dispute
FT, 12/03/2018

UK government responds to report on Brexit impact
WNN, 09/03/2018

Living Planet: Nuclear power – what future?
DW, 08/03/2018

EU clears acquisition of Westinghouse by Brookfield
New Europe, 07/03/2018

UK - Hinkley Point C nuclear power station workers end mass sit-in
BBC News, 07/03/2018

UK - Hinkley Point C nuclear power station workers stage mass sit-in
BBC News, 06/03/2018

Foratom calls for increased EU nuclear R&D spending
WNN, 06/03/2018

Switzerland - World’s oldest nuclear reactor to restart, 06/03/2018

UK - In a laver: seaweed shuts nuclear reactor again in bad weather
The Guardian, 05/03/2018

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Eastern Europe

Armenian and Russian experts to look into extension of service life of Armenian nuclear power plant
Arka News Agency, 16/03/2018

Bulgaria says China's CNNC interested in Belene nuclear plant
Reuters, 16/03/2018

Poland estimates investment in nuclear power plant at up to $22 bln-minister
Reuters, 15/03/2018

Russia brings Chinese funding into uranium mining
WNN, 13/03/2018

Westinghouse ready to supply VVER-440 fuel
WNN, 13/03/2018

Russia - Leningrad II-1 starts pilot operation
WNN, 09/03/2018

Luxembourg backs Austria against Hungarian nuclear plant
EUobserver, 05/03/2018

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Japan court rejects lawsuit against construction of nuclear plant
Reuters, 19/03/2018

S. Korea to draw long-term energy plan by this year
Yonhap News, 19/03/2018

Progress with Indonesian SMR project
WNN, 16/03/2018

Japan - Ohi 3 reaches critical milestone in restart
WNN, 15/03/2018

China Plans to Build Multiple Nuclear Reactors in 2018
Investing News Network, 14/03/2018

Decontamination work begins in Fukushima town
NHK World, 14/03/2018

Japan - Coastal nuclear reactor resumes operations, joins 2 units nearby
The Mainichi, 14/03/2018

Japan - TEPCO’s priority is, and will be, to decommission crippled reactors
Asahi Shimbun, 14/03/2018

IAEA awards South Korean robot for spent fuel inspection
Korea Times, 12/03/2018

France, India to Expedite Nuclear Power Project
Financial Tribune, 12/03/2018

Editorial: 7 years after Fukushima meltdowns, time to review insistence on nuclear power
The Mainichi, 09/03/2018

India plans tenfold uranium output growth
WNN, 08/03/2018

Long Road Ahead for Fukushima Nuclear Plant Decommissioning
NHK World, 08/03/2018

Experts discuss Fukushima frozen soil wall
NHK World, 07/03/2018

China to start building up to eight reactors in 2018
WNN, 07/03/2018

Taiwan to restart No. 2 nuclear power plant reactor
Taiwain News, 05/03/2018

Japan - 7 years after, Fukushima still struggling to return to normal
Asahi Shimbun, 05/03/2018

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Rest of the World

Japan's nuclear export to Turkey in doubt as costs estimate doubles
Asahi Shimbun, 15/03/2018

Saudi Arabia turns to nuclear power to curb oil addiction
Phys.Org, 14/03/2018

Saudi cabinet approves nuclear power program national policy: SPA
Reuters, 13/03/2018

Turkey's Planned $20 Billion Russian-Built Nuclear Plant Facing Delay
U.S. News & World Report, 09/03/2018

Saudis Enlist Washington Lobbyists in Bid for Nuclear Plants
Bloomberg, 09/03/2018

Russia discusses African nuclear power prospects
WNN, 08/03/2018

South Africa - Nuclear still part of SA energy mix, says department of energy
Fin24, 07/03/2018

Middle East nuclear power to quadruple in ten years
WNN, 06/03/2018

IAEA confirms Iranian cooperation
WNN, 06/03/2018

IAEA brings PWR training to Middle East
WNN, 05/03/2018

South Africa - SA’s energy future at stake
Times LIVE, 05/03/2018

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