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North America

Agreements support Canadian SMR development and deployment
WNN, 14/10/2021

USA - Dominion asks for state approval of plans to extend life of nuclear plants beyond 2050
NBC12, 13/10/2021

US DoE backs hydrogen-from-nuclear power project with USD 20m
Renewables Now, 11/10/2021

Canada - New Brunswick fast reactor operational 'within the decade'
WNN, 07/10/2021

USA - Kairos submits PSAR for Oak Ridge demonstration reactor
WNN, 05/10/2021

USA - Making plans, hiring people for the Hermes reactor
The Oak Ridger, 05/10/2021

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Western Europe

UK Net Zero strategy to focus on nuclear power: Report
EnergyVoice, 17/10/2021

Belgium’s shift from nuclear under fire as gas price surge strains Europe
FT, 17/10/2021

Nuclear helps tackle high energy prices, Foratom says
Fotatom, 15/10/2021

UK to put nuclear power at heart of net zero emissions strategy
FT, 15/10/2021

UK poised to confirm funding for mini nuclear reactors for carbon-free energy
The Guardian, 15/10/2021

UK - Five bids shortlisted to host STEP fusion plant
WNN, 14/10/2021

UK - Cumbrian site shortlisted for location of new nuclear prototype power plant
ITV, 14/10/2021

Ahead of COP26, IAEA Issues Report on the Role of Nuclear Science and Technology in Climate Change Adaptation
IAEA, 14/10/2021

UK nuclear insurers provide 'certainty' to support decarbonisation
WNN, 13/10/2021

Intellectuals urge Germany to keep nuclear plants online
EurActiv, 13/10/2021

France unveils nuclear power overhaul – with an eye on China
France 24, 13/10/2021

Energy Prices Ignite Nuclear Power Debate in Europe As Japan Praises I
Newsweek, 12/10/2021

France bets on more nuclear power in face of Europe’s energy crisis
FT, 12/10/2021

UK - Will Boris fire up a new generation of nuclear power stations?
WNN, 11/10/2021

Can Nuclear Power Save Us From Climate Change? Experts Weigh In
NDTV, 11/10/2021

Finland lobbies nuclear energy as a sustainable source
EurActiv, 11/10/2021

UK commits to decarbonise electricity system by 2035
WNN, 08/10/2021

Nuclear Energy Could Bridge The Energy Transition Gap
OilPrice, 06/10/2021

New Belgian transport vehicle for solid wastes
WNN, 06/10/2021

2022 French Presidential candidates divided over nuclear energy
The Connexion, 06/10/2021

Swedish regulator studies securing repository knowledge
WNN, 05/10/2021

Rolls-Royce in talks with US tech giants over using mini nuclear plants to power data centres
This is Money, 04/10/2021

IAEA developing natural hazard alerting system
WNN, 04/10/2021

UK needs new nuclear, says Prime Minister
WNN, 04/10/2021

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Eastern Europe

Energy crisis spurs Bulgaria's nuclear debate
WNN, 15/10/2021

France makes nuclear offer to Poland
WNN, 14/10/2021

French power group wants to build nuclear reactors in Poland
The First News, 13/10/2021

Hungary - FM Szijjártó: Good Progress Made in Preparations for Paks Nuclear Power Station Expansion
Hungary Today, 13/10/2021

Romania - Nuclearelectrica, 25 Years Since Its First Nuclear Reactor’s Commissioning
Energy Industry Review, 08/10/2021

Nuclear to support mining expansion in Armenia
WNN, 08/10/2021

Hot testing completed at Belarus 2
NEI, 07/10/2021

Ukraine - Energoatom faced with 'criminal scheme'
WNN, 07/10/2021

Russia opens new zirconium sponge line for nuclear fuel
WNN, 06/10/2021

Romanian energy policy will see nuclear double
WNN, 05/10/2021

Serbia would buy 10% in any nuclear power plant in region
balkan green energy news, 05/10/2021

Polish Business Bets Smaller is Better in Nuclear
Balkan Insight, 04/10/2021

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Japan’s carbon goal is based on restarting 30 nuclear reactors
The Japan Times, 17/10/2021

Japan's PM Kishida visits crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant
Kyodo News, 17/10/2021

Reactor pressure vessel installed at Bangladesh’s first nuclear plant
PEI, 16/10/2021

South Korea - Fuel loading completed at Shin Hanul 1
WNN, 15/10/2021

Japan's new PM wants to restart nuclear power in the country
CNET, 11/10/2021

Bangladesh plans another nuclear power plant
WNN, 11/10/2021

INTERVIEW: New Japanese Minister Vows to Cut Nuclear Use, 11/10/2021

Nuclear power crucial to Japan's net-zero goal: industry minister
Nikkei Asia, 06/10/2021

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Rest of the World

Australian submarine deal sparks debate about nuclear energy
NEI, 14/10/2021

Russian deputy PM, Saudi energy minister discuss oil, hydrogen and nuclear energy
S&P Global, 14/10/2021

Time for nuclear, Australian union says
WNN, 13/10/2021

UAE - Nawah set to begin regulated activities at Barakah 3
WNN, 11/10/2021

SMRs "ideal fit" for Australian market, report finds
WNN, 06/10/2021

Nuclear power in Australia: is it a good idea?
Cosmos, 05/10/2021

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