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North America

ANEEL: Thorium-Based Reactor Fuel Could Support A New Wave Of Nuclear Power
Forbes, 22/09/2020

Canadian project to focus on recycling of heavy water
WNN, 21/09/2020

Combating corrosion in the world’s aging nuclear reactors
Chemical & Engineering News, 20/09/2020

USA - Illinois Nuclear Plants Operate at Near Full Power Through Hottest Summer on Record
Yahoo Finance, 18/09/2020

Nuclear essential to hydrogen future, says LucidCatalyst
WNN, 17/09/2020

TerraPower and Centrus team up for HALEU production
WNN, 16/09/2020

U.S. seeks to lower Russian uranium imports to boost domestic mining
WTVB, 14/09/2020

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Western Europe

Austria fails in attempt to block Hinkley Point C
WNN, 22/09/2020

World needs large and small reactors, Association says
WNN, 22/09/2020

Sweden - SKB found to be fit for safe operation of waste facilities
WNN, 21/09/2020

UK - 10,000 jobs at risk in nuclear sector supply chain without Sizewell C
NCE, 21/09/2020

Germany - Now possible locations for a repository are named
Pledge Times, 20/09/2020

Switzerlands - Mühleberg plant enters permanent decommissioning stage
WNN, 18/09/2020

The Netherlands - Budget debate dominated by coronavirus, but nuclear power gets a look in too, 18/09/2020

UK - Mini nuclear power lifeline for Wylfa site
Construction Enquirer, 17/09/2020

IAEA: nuclear power a key component of a low-carbon future
Power Technology, 17/09/2020

‘Nuclear power is likely to continue to play a key role in global low carbon energy mix’
Energy Live News, 17/09/2020

Hitachi withdraws from UK new-build project
WNN, 16/09/2020

UK government could take stake in Sizewell nuclear power station
BBC News, 16/09/2020

Hitachi set to withdraw completely from stalled British nuclear power plant project
The Mainichi, 15/09/2020

How Bad Relations With China Could Mess With the Energy Transition
GreenTechMedia, 14/09/2020

Repetition is the key to cutting nuclear costs, not innovation
FT, 14/09/2020

European research project aims to understand concrete degradation
WNN, 10/09/2020

UK Citizens' Assembly demands action on climate change
WNN, 10/09/2020

UK - Extinction Rebellion: Nuclear power 'only option' says former spokeswoman
BBC News, 10/09/2020

UK - Government investment to help build robots for nuclear plants and batteries for electric aeroplanes
Gov.UK, 10/09/2020

First European reactor loads EnCore accident tolerant fuel
WNN, 09/09/2020

UK - EDF Energy says UK's Hinkley Point B nuclear plant could close earlier than planned
Reuters, 09/09/2020

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Eastern Europe

KHNP Takes Aim at Nuclear Power Plant Project in Ukraine
BusinessKorea, 18/09/2020

The Baltics States’ Ban on Belarusian Nuclear Electricity Imports: Implications for All Sides
Jamestown Foundation, 17/09/2020

The second reactor at Russia’s Leningrad II nuclear plan reaches controlled minimum power
Bellona, 10/09/2020

Poland plans USD40bn investment in new nuclear plants
WNN, 09/09/2020

Poland 'to speed up coal phase-out with nuclear power
EUobserver, 09/09/2020

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Japan - Kansai completes upgrade work at two reactors
WNN, 18/09/2020

Japan Struggles to Secure Radioactive Nuclear Waste Dump Sites
The Diplomat, 15/09/2020

China ditches US nuclear technology in favour of home-grown alternative
South China Morning Post, 14/09/2020

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Rest of the World

Turkey - Foundations laid for reactor, turbine buildings in 2nd unit of Akkuyu NPP
Daily Sabah, 22/09/2020

Egypt: Does Egypt Need to Go Nuclear?
AllAfrica, 21/09/2020

Senate inquiry recommends passing of Australian waste bill
WNN, 17/09/2020

Saudi Arabia reportedly has enough uranium to start nuclear fuel production
New York Post, 17/09/2020

Nuclear Energy in South Africa, and in Africa at Large
Eironews, 17/09/2020

Brazil - Investor confidence relies on public acceptance of nuclear
WNN, 14/09/2020

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