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North America

US partnerships boost development of hydrogen economy
WNN, 23/09/2022

Canada - Researchers weigh in on Sask.'s small modular nuclear reactor concept, 23/09/2022

USA - DOE funds communities to learn about used fuel storage
WNN, 22/09/2022

Carbon and a new nuclear lifeline
NEI, 21/09/2022

UNECE roadmap to net-zero calls for greater use of nuclear energy
WNN, 21/09/2022

USA - Oklo Inc progressing towards licence application
WNN, 20/09/2022

USA - New partnership to produce zero carbon hydrogen at nuclear power plant
Energy Live News, 20/09/2022

USA - Central Washington is eyeing nuclear power again — but on a smaller scale
Energy News Network, 19/09/2022

USA - First ORNL research reactor demolished
WNN, 16/09/2022

Canada - Former uranium mine properties released by regulator
WNN, 15/09/2022

USA - Energy Harbor and Toledo's Great Lakes hydrogen plan
WNN, 14/09/2022

US study assesses potential for coal-to-nuclear conversion
WNN, 14/09/2022

USA - Fuel fabrication plant relicensed for another 40 years
WNN, 13/09/2022

USA - DOE Report Finds Hundreds of Retiring Coal Plant Sites Could Convert to Nuclear
Department of Energy, 13/09/2022

USA - Michigan governor calls for nuclear plant to reopen
WNN, 12/09/2022

Did the U.S. Nuclear Energy Sector Just Have Its Best Month Ever?
Department of Energy, 12/09/2022

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Western Europe

UK - Sizewell C: Planning shake-up 'runs roughshod over objectors'
BBC News, 24/09/2022

UK’s nuclear waste cleanup operation could cost £260bn
The Guardian, 23/09/2022

First nuclear reactor to be shut down in Belgium
EurActiv, 23/09/2022

Seven Ways AI Will Change Nuclear Science and Technology
IAEA, 22/09/2022

Fukushima: Japan attempts to safely remove nuclear fuel from crippled reactors
DW, 22/09/2022

French strike reduces nuclear power output
Reuters, 22/09/2022

3D-printed fuel component installed at Swedish reactor
WNN, 21/09/2022

'Huge demand for SMRs’ - so what are the key challenges?
WNN, 21/09/2022

France Prepares To Nationalize Its Struggling Nuclear Industry
OilPrice, 20/09/2022

The Netherlands - Initial funding in place for Pallas construction
WNN, 20/09/2022

France sets course for a nuclear renaissance
FT, 20/09/2022

German nuclear reactor leak poses no safety threat but complicates plans
Reuters, 19/09/2022

Swedish agency warns of major risks with winter's electricity shortage
Xinhua, 18/09/2022

UK - Everything you need to know about Cumbria's new nuclear plans
News&Star, 18/09/2022

Belgium - FANC open to extending life of Doel 3 nuclear reactor
Brussels Times, 16/09/2022

Constellation to help Dutch Rolls-Royce SMR deployment
WNN, 15/09/2022

Belgium - Government to discuss postponing closure of Doel 3 nuclear reactor
Brussels Times, 15/09/2022

EDF issues new profit warning on lower nuclear output
Reuters, 15/09/2022

France to work with India on nuclear power plant project - minister
Reuters, 14/09/2022

Nuclear reactor extension would cut German power prices by 4% next year - Ifo
Zawya, 14/09/2022

Rolls-Royce ramps up plans for mini nuclear plants
Construction Europe, 13/09/2022

EU wants 180 eur/mwh revenue cap for wind, solar, nuclear plants - draft
Reuters, 13/09/2022

Uranium rallies as energy crisis puts nuclear power in focus
FT, 13/09/2022

Site proposed for Swiss repository
WNN, 12/09/2022

Nuclear Power Primed for Swedish Comeback But Hurdles Remain
Yahoo News, 12/09/2022

Switzerland picks site near German border for nuclear waste storage
The Guardian, 11/09/2022

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Eastern Europe

Russia - Base plate for BREST reactor delivered to site
WNN, 23/09/2022

Westinghouse developing Polish AP1000 supply chain
WNN, 23/09/2022

Poland distributes iodine pills as fears grow over Ukraine nuclear plant
Reuters, 22/09/2022

IAEA concludes first ever site review for SMR
NEI, 21/09/2022

Ukraine: Urgently needed spare parts delivered to Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
EU reporter, 20/09/2022

Ukraine - Nuclear plant reconnected to national grid, IAEA says
China Daily, 19/09/2022

IAEA assesses Romania's SMR site selection process
WNN, 16/09/2022

Estonia - Fermi Energia requests bids from three SMR vendors
WNN, 15/09/2022

Could Nuclear Power Help Poland Kick Coal?
OilPrice, 15/09/2022

Work progresses to deploy NuScale power plant in Poland
WNN, 13/09/2022

Roadmap report reflects US-Poland nuclear cooperation progress
WNN, 13/09/2022

Russia - Murmansk eyes sharp raise in hazardous nuclear waste management
Barents Observer, 13/09/2022

IAEA says both sides 'engaging' with Zaporizhzhia safety zone plan
WNN, 12/09/2022

Poland receives U.S. offer to build nuclear power plants
Reuters, 12/09/2022

Update 100 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine
IAEA, 11/09/2022

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South Korea includes nuclear in its K-Taxonomy
NEI, 23/09/2022

Japan - Fumio Kishida’s Great Nuclear Leap
Foreign Policy, 23/09/2022

Kazakhstan to Select Supplier for Nuclear Power Technological Solutions in 2023
Astana Times, 23/09/2022

Birdwatching marathon reflects biodiversity near Indian nuclear power plant
WNN, 20/09/2022

Powering China’s Nuclear Ambitions
The Diplomat, 20/09/2022

Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority marks 10 years since launch
The Japan Times, 19/09/2022

Japan - Tepco to revise power prices for industry, factoring in nuclear restart
Reuters, 16/09/2022

China - Nation pushes nuclear power to ensure supply, reach carbon goals
China Daily, 16/09/2022

Kazakhstan launches implementation of project for creation of nuclear power plant
AzerNews, 15/09/2022

China Approves Two Nuclear Power Projects at a Cost of USD11.5 Billion
Yicai Global, 15/09/2022

China gives green light to new nuclear power projects
CGTN, 14/09/2022

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Rest of the World

Turkey - Akkuyu 2’s reactor vessel installed
WNN, 22/09/2022

UAE's Barakah nuclear power plant starts up third unit
The National, 22/09/2022

Türkiye reaches agreement with Russia on construction of Akkuyu nuclear power plant - Erdogan
AzerNews, 18/09/2022

Australia - Alan Finkel shoots down nuclear energy option
InnovationAus, 16/09/2022

Nuclear power may be the answer to the Middle East's climate crisis
The National, 15/09/2022

Turkey - Construction said to be halted at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant
Duvar, 13/09/2022

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