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North America

Nuclear Energy Just Isn’t Competitive In The U.S., 25/06/2019

Canada - 'It's the future': How going small may fuel nuclear power's comeback, 25/06/2019

USA - How (un)profitable are Ohio’s two nuclear plants? FirstEnergy Solutions says it can’t tell the public, 24/06/2019

USA - Small reactors can be safely located on Clinch River site, NRC says
Oak Ridge Today, 20/06/2019

USA - Why nuclear power plants cost so much—and what can be done about it
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 20/06/2019

US regulator completes Clinch River site safety review
WNN, 19/06/2019

USA - Supreme Court upholds Virginia uranium mining ban
WNN, 18/06/2019

Kazatomprom chief warns against US uranium tariffs
WNN, 18/06/2019

USA - Supreme Court allows Virginia to block mining of nation's largest uranium deposit
USA Today, 17/06/2019

USA - Interim nuclear waste storage challenge puts pressure on Yucca talks
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 14/06/2019

Americans are paying more than ever to store deadly nuclear waste
LA Times, 14/06/2019

IAEA assesses emergency preparedness in Canada
WNN, 14/06/2019

USA - New Jersey unveils clean energy master plan
WNN, 12/06/2019

USA - DOE’s Perry: Coal, Nuclear Must Be Saved
Power Magazine, 12/06/2019

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Western Europe

IAEA mission finds robust safety regime in Belgium
WNN, 25/06/2019

Work starts on Finnish fuel encapsulation plant
WNN, 25/06/2019

French nuclear to suffer after exclusion from EU’s green investment label
EurActiv, 25/06/2019

UK and China team up on environmental protection
WNN, 24/06/2019

Paradigm Shift as Swedes' Support for Nuclear Power Soars
Sputnik International, 24/06/2019

France wants EDF to sell more nuclear power to rivals, price could increase
Euronews, 24/06/2019

Is it time for Ireland to give nuclear power a chance?
RTE, 24/06/2019

UK - EDF seeks guarantee for nuclear project
City A.M., 23/06/2019

UK - Sizewell budget meltdown could hit taxpayers under EDF proposals
The Times, 23/06/2019

Hydrogen storage could 'displace' UK nuclear sector
NCE, 21/06/2019

France - Weld repairs to delay Flamanville EPR start-up
WNN, 20/06/2019

IAEA, ITER expand cooperation on fusion
WNN, 20/06/2019

Fuel loading delayed at Finnish EPR
WNN, 19/06/2019

UK’s low-carbon transition needs nuclear technologies, says ETI report
WNN, 19/06/2019

French Nuclear Power Producer EDF Plans a Turnaround
WSJ, 14/06/2019

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Eastern Europe

Radioactive waste storage facility to be built at nuclear plant in Ukraine
Xinhua, 25/06/2019

Construction of Hungary’s Paks-2 nuclear plant base begins
New Europe, 24/06/2019

Russia's VVER-TOI reactor certified by European utilities
WNN, 14/06/2019

Estonia - Fermi Energia starts SMR feasibility study
WNN, 12/06/2019

Consortium established for SMR-160 deployment in Ukraine
WNN, 12/06/2019

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China may build 30 nuclear plants costing $1T
Kallanish Energy, 20/06/2019

Spy Agency Investigating Korea’s Nuclear Reactor Technology Leaks to U.S. and UAE
BusinessKorea, 19/06/2019

Japan - Toshiba, AECOM expand decommissioning collaboration
WNN, 17/06/2019

China plans pilot nuclear reactor for heating in northeast
Reuters, 17/06/2019

Japan - Court rejects call to revoke approval for nuclear reactor restarts
Mainichi, 17/06/2019

Japan - Kyushu Electric to take reactor offline in March due to delay in building anti-terrorism facility
Japan Times, 15/06/2019

Safety upgrade delays could take Japanese units offline
WNN, 13/06/2019

Russia, China ink deal for Chinese nuclear plant
ESI Africa, 12/06/2019

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Rest of the World

UAE's first nuclear power plant set to begin ops by early 2020
Logistics Middle East, 26/06/2019

Industry super urges Australia to consider the nuclear power option
ABC News, 26/06/2019

Korea Signs Truncated Nuclear Deal with UAE
The Chosun Ilbo, 25/06/2019

Minister Sussan Ley could open the door to overturning Australia’s nuclear power ban, 25/06/2019

Malawi uranium mine sale agreed
WNN, 24/06/2019

S.Korean consortium, UAE's Nawah sign maintenance deal for Barakah nuclear plants
Reuters, 24/06/2019

Robert Parker on nuclear energy in Australia
6PR, 23/06/2019

Australians urged to adopt nuclear power
WNN, 20/06/2019

Pakistan - Nuclear milestone reached at Karachi power plant
ESI Africa, 19/06/2019

Can Germany lead the way in climate neutrality?
Gulf News, 14/06/2019

Australian isotope facility to begin full-scale operations
WNN, 13/06/2019

Australia - Angus Taylor won't rule out reversing nuclear energy ban if business case stacks up
The Guardian, 12/06/2019

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