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2C (France)
3D Metal Forming B.V. (The Netherlands)
3E Praha Engineering a.s. (Czech Republic)
3L Filters Ltd. (Canada)
A. N. Technology Ltd. (UK)
A.M.I. (France)
AADEE SA (Argentina)
AAF International (USA)
AAR Cargo Systems (USA)
AATA International, Inc. (USA)
AB Kontrollmetod (Sweden)
Abatec SA (formerly Brawner SA) (Argentina)
ABB Automation Products (Germany)
Abbott & Co (newark) Ltd (UK)
ABISSA Environment S.A. (Switzerland)
ABMI Group (France)
ABS Consulting (UK)
ABS Consulting (Formerly EQE Bulgaria AD) (Bulgaria)
ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International Inc) (USA)
ABS Pump AB (Sweden)
ABS Pumps Inc USA (USA)
Absolute Control Systems, Inc. (USA)
ABW Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Institute of Plasma Physics ) (Czech Republic )
ACB (France)
Accumulatorenwerke HOPPECKE GmbH (Russia)
Accuray Oncology Inc. (USA)
AccuSync (USA)
ACE (France)
ACJ & Associates, Inc. (USA)
ACPP Laudun (France)
Action Technology, Inc. (USA)
Acumuladores Industriales Enersys SA (Formerly Hawker Oldham) (Spain)
Adco Services Inc (USA)
Adecco Technical (USA)
ADF (Applications du Filtre) (France)
Advanced Concepts, Inc. (ACI) (USA)
Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. (USA)
Advanced Education Courses, Fachhochschule Aachen (Germany)
Advanced Measurement Technology (UK) (UK)
Advanced Nuclear Technology AB (Sweden)
Aero Tec Laboratories Inc. (USA)
Aero Tec Laboratories ltd (UK)
Aerofin (USA)
AeroGo Europe NV (Belgium)
AeroGo Inc (USA)
Aerotek (USA)
AF Group (formerly Enprima) (Sweden)
Afftrex, Ltd. (USA)
Agence Nationale pour la gestion des Dechets RAdioactifs (ANDRA) (France)
Agilent Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Ahlberg Electronics AB (Sweden)
Air Dimensions Inc (USA)
Air Liquide (France)
Air Power & Hydraulics Ltd (UK)
Air Traffic Management, Inc. (USA)
Airflow Sciences Corporation (USA)
Aker Kvearner Engineering Services (UK)
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP (Belgium)
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP (Russia)
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, L.L.P. (USA)
Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, L.L.P. (UK)
Alaron Corporation (USA)
AlberCorp (USA)
Alberta Star Development Corp. (Formerly Alberta Star Mining Corp.) (Canada)
Alcadia entreprises (France)
Alco SA (France)
Alconox Inc. (USA)
Alexander Comley Ltd (UK)
Alexander Comley Ltd (UK)
Alexander Comley Ltd (UK)
Alexander Comley Ltd (UK)
Alexander Comley Ltd (UK)
Alexander Vacuum Research Inc (USA)
Alfa Laval Corporate AB (Sweden)
Alfa Laval snc (France) (France)
Alfa Laval Thermal Inc (USA)
Alfab Inc (USA)
Algade (France)
Alintel srl (Italy)
Alison Control Inc. (USA)
All Trade srl (Italy)
AllDeco s.r.o. (Slovak Republic)
Allvac (USA)
Alpha Engineering (UK)
Alpha Sciences Inc. (USA)
Alpha Spectra, Inc. (USA)
Alrad Instruments Ltd (UK)
ALS Environmental (Formerly Enviro-test) (USA)
Alstom Power (France)
Alstom Power (Belgium)
Alstom Power (China) (China)
Alstom Power (UK) (UK)
Alstom Power (USA) (USA)
Alstom Power Canada Inc. (Canada)
Alstom Power K.K.(Japan) (Japan)
Alstom Power service(France) (France)
ALSTOM Power Sweden AB (Sweden)
Alta (Czech Republic)
Altona Foundry and Machining (Brasil)
Altran Corporation (USA)
Alvarado Manufacturing Company Inc. (USA)
AM Sensors Ltd (UK)
Amara (Spain)
Amarinth Ltd (UK)
Amat Metalplast (Spain)
Amat Metalplast (Spain)
Amat Metalplast (Spain)
Amer Industrial Technologies, Inc. (AIT) (USA)
Amercare Ltd (UK)
American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) (USA)
American Ecology Corporation (Formerly US Ecology Inc.) (USA)
American Gas & Chemical Company Ltd (USA)
American Maintenance & Engineering Services, Inc. (USA)
American Nuclear Insurers (USA)
American Operations Corp. (USA)
American Radiation Services, Inc. (ARS) (USA)
American Tank & Fabricating Co. (USA)
Ameron Coatings (Formerly Ameron BV) (Germany)
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Europe GmbH (Germany)
Ametek (France) (France)
Ametek Dixson (a division of Ametek Inc.) (USA)
Ametek Drexelbrook (USA)
Ametek Inc. (USA)
Ampko Oy (Finland)
Amptek, Inc. (USA)
Amtec Services (Schaff UK) (UK)
Amtech Investment Casting Pvt. Ltd. (India)
AN Technology Ltd (UK)
Anaconda Gold Corp. (Formerly Anaconda Uranium Corp.) (Canada)
Analysis and Measurement Services Corp (AMS) (USA)
Analytical & Diagnostic Products CC (South Africa)
Analytics Inc. (USA)
Anatec International Inc (USA)
Anco Engineers Inc (USA)
Anderson Greenwood Crosby Nuclear (Tyco) (USA)
ANDI Test Engineering Laboratory (Formerly Astro Nuclear/Dynamics Inc. (ANDI) ) (USA)
Andritz AG (Austria)
Anglo American South Africa (South Africa)
Anixter (Europe) (UK)
Anric Enterprises INC. (Canada)
ANSA Assistance Nucléaire S.A. (Nukem) (France)
Ansaldo - Camozzi Energy Special Components SpA (Italy)
Ansaldo Energia (Italy)
Ansaldo NES (UK)
Ansaldo Nucleare (a division of Ansaldo Energia) (Italy)
Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali SpA (Italy)
Ansell Healthcare Europe (Formerly Ansell Edmont Industrial Europe) (Belgium)
Ansell Healthcare Japan Co., Ltd. (Formerly Ansell Edmont Industrial) (Japan)
Ansell Pro (USA)
ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) (Australia)
Antech Corp (USA)
AO Of kislorodmash (Ukraine)
Apantec LLC (USA)
Apave (France)
Apco Technologies France (France)
APCO Technologies SA (Switzerland)
Applied Analysis Corp. (USA)
Applied Environmental Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Applied Health Physics Inc (USA)
Applied Innovations (USA)
Applied Technical Services, Inc (USA)
Aptech Engineering Services, Inc. (USA)
APVL Ingenierie (France)
AQ Management & Control, Inc. (USA)
Arao (Czech Republic)
Arbill Industries (USA)
Arc Machines Inc (USA)
AREA Group (Taiwan)
Areva NC (France)
Areva NC (Formerly Cogema Inc. (USA)) (USA)
Areva NC (Formerly Numatec Hanford Corporation) (USA)
Areva NC (Formerly Packaging technology, Inc.) (USA)
Areva NC Formerly Cogema Engineering Corporation (USA)
Areva NP (Formerly Framatome ANP Nuclear Fuels) (USA)
Areva NP (Formerly Framatome ANP) (Germany)
Areva NP (formerly Framatome ANP, Inc.) (USA)
Areva NP (France) (France)
AREVA Resources Canada Inc (Formerly Cogema Resources Inc) (Canada)
Argon Electronics LLP (UK)
Argonne National Laboratory (USA)
Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) (USA)
Ari Industries Inc. (USA)
Aries SA (France)
Armatek Controls Ltd (Canada)
Armoloy (USA)
Arthur D. Little, Limited (UK)
Artisan Industries Inc. (USA)
Arup (Advanced Technology Group) (UK)
Asco Joucomatic (France)
Asco Valve (Formerly Automatic Switch Co.) (USA)
ASCO Valve Canada (Canada)
Asie Energie Ltd (China)
ASPIT (France)
Assembly Solutions (UK)
Assurances & Conseils Saint-Honoré (France)
Assystem (France)
Assystem UK (formerly INBIS) (UK)
Astare (France)
Astec Services Ltd (UK)
Astro Machine Works, Inc. (USA)
Astro-Arc Polysoude Inc (USA)
Astro-Med, inc (USA)
AT Group (UK)
ATCO (Other)
Atecsol Soldaduras, S.L. (Spain)
Ateliers de Chaudronnerie de Montplaisir (France)
Ateliers de la Meuse (Belgium)
Ateliers de Technochimie (France)
ATG s.r.o. (Advanced Technology Group) (Czech Republic)
Athene Engineering (UK)
ATI Industrial Automation (USA)
ATI Wah Chang (Allegheny Technologies) (USA)
ATIM (France)
Atkins (UK)
Atkins Nuclear (UK)
Atkinson Engineering, Inc. (USA)
ATL International, Inc. (USA)
Atlantic Nuclear Corp. (USA)
Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd (Canada)
Atlas Equipments Corp. (Taiwan)
ATM Entreprise (formerly Game nucléaire) (France)
Atomic Energy Industrial Laboratories (AEIL) (USA)
Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research AMD (India)
Atomic Personnel Inc (USA)
Atominstitute of the Austrian Universities (Austria)
Atomredmetzoloto (Russia)
Atomspetstrans (Russia)
Atos Origin (formerly Sema) (France)
ATS Stellite S.A. (France)
Aubert et Duval (France)
AUMA Actuators (France) (France)
AUMA Actuators (Germany) (Germany)
AUMA Actuators Ltd (UK) (UK)
AUMA Actuators, Inc. (USA) (USA)
Aurora Health Physics Services Ltd. (UK)
Auto Clear US (Formerly Control Screening LLC) (USA)
Automatic Valve (USA)
Automatisme mesure controle et conseil (M2C) (France)
Automess (Automation und Messtechnik GmbH) (Germany)
Autoscribe Informatics (UK)
Avantech Inc (USA)
AVC Pneumatic Valve Inc (USA)
Avesta Polarit, Inc (Subsidiary of Outokumpu) (USA)
Avion Technologies (Canada)
Avisco, Inc (USA)
Aware Electronics Corp. (USA)
Axilya (France)
Axon Cable (France)
Ayton Equipment Limited (UK)
Aztec Bolting Services Inc.q (USA)
Aztec Resources Limited (Australia)
B&W Plant Hire Limited (UK)
B.G.I. Tooling, Co (USA)
Babcock & Wilcox (McDermott group) USA (USA)
Babcock & Wilcox Canada Ltd. (Canada)
Babtie Group (UK)
Bainbridge International (USA)
Balaji Industries (India)
Balcke-Dürr GmbH (Germany)
Balfour Kilpatrick Ltd (UK)
Balmain Resources Pty Ltd (Australia)
Balteau NDT (Belgium)
Baltic Scientific Instruments (Latvia)
Baltic Scientific Instruments (Latvia)
Baltic Scientific Instruments (Latvia)
Baltic Scientific Instruments (Latvia)
Baltic Scientific Instruments (Latvia)
Baltic Scientific Instruments (Latvia)
Baltic Scientific Instruments (BSI) (Latvia)
Barloworld Vaccum Technology Formerly D D Lamson (UK)
Bartec GmbH (Germany)
Bartec UK (UK)
Bartlett Formerly (Numanco LLC) (USA)
Bartlett Nuclear, Inc. (USA)
Basic PSA Inc. (USA)
Bassaire Ltd (UK)
BAT associates Inc. (USA)
Battelle (USA)
Baumert industrie (France)
Bay West, Inc. (USA)
BCP Technical Services Inc (USA)
BCW Engineering & Manufacturing (USA)
Beacon International. LLC (USA)
Beaird Industries Inc (USA)
Bearwell (UK)
Bechtel (Asia) (China)
Bechtel (Europe) (UK)
Bechtel Hanford, Inc. (a division of Bechtel National, Inc.) (USA)
Bechtel Power (USA)
Beijing Isotope Nulcear Electronic Machine Co.,LTD (China)
Belden (UK)
Belding Tank Technologies Inc (Formerly Viatec Inc) (USA)
BelEnergoMash (Russia)
Belgatom SA (Belgium)
Belgonucleaire (Belgium)
Belgoprocess (Belgium)
Bendalls Engineering (UK)
Bentley Systems, Inc. (USA)
Bently Nevada (UK) Ltd (UK)
Bently Nevada Canada (Canada)
Bently Nevada, LLC (USA)
BEP Bestobell (USA)
Bergen-Power Pipe Supports (USA) (USA)
Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. (USA)
Berthold Australia Pty Ltd (Australia)
Berthold France (France)
Berthold Technologies (Germany)
Berthold Technologies (U.K.) (UK)
Berthold Technologies USA LLC (USA)
Bestar steel pipe (China)
Beta Analytics International, Inc. (USA)
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India)
Bharat Forge (India)
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (India)
BHP Billiton (Formerly Rio Algom Incorporated) (USA)
Biach Industries Inc. (USA)
Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. (USA)
Bilfinger Noell GmbH (Germany)
Bindicator (USA)
Bio-Imaging Research‚ Inc. (BIR) (USA)
Biodex Medical Systems (USA)
Biodinamica (Portugal)
Bioscan (USA)
Biospace Lab (France)
biostep Labor und Systemtechnik GmbH (Germany)
Birns Inc (USA)
Bitt Technology (Austria)
Black & Veatch Corporation (USA)
Black Range Minerals (Australia)
Bladewerx (USA)
Blenkhorn and Sawle Limited (Canada)
Blizzard Protection Systems (UK)
Bluegrass Bit Company Inc. (USA)
BNFL instruments UK (UK)
BNL Industries Inc (USA)
BNL Technical Services, L.L.C (USA)
BNS Nuclear Services (UK)
BOC Edwards (UK) (UK)
BOC Edwards (USA) (USA)
Boccard SA (France)
Bochvar All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Inorganic Materials (VNIINM) (Russia)
Boeing (High Energy Systems Group ) (USA)
Boh Environmental, LLC (LA) (USA)
Bohler Bleche GmbH (Austria)
Boiler Cleaning Doctor (USA)
Boka (Other)
Bolt & Nut Engineering Ltd (UK)
Bolt & Nut Manufacturing Limited (UK)
Bon Accord Africa (South Africa)
Boride Products Inc (USA)
Bouygues Travaux Publics (France)
Bowtech Products Ltd (UK)
Boyd Smiths Private Limited (India)
Brackett Green Ltd (UK)
Brackett Green USA Inc. (USA)
Bradtec Decon Technologies (UK)
Bragg Crane & Rigging (USA)
Brandenburg (a Divison of Astec Europe Limited) (UK)
Branson Ultrasonics Corporation USA (USA)
Brennus Ingenieurs Conseils (France)
BRENT packaging and logistics ltd (Canada)
Bridgeport Instruments, LLC (USA)
British Shielding Windows Ltd. (UK)
BRM Container (USA)
Brüel & Kjaer France (France)
Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S (HQ) (Denmark)
Brüel & Kjær USA (USA)
BS & B Safety Systems (USA) (USA)
BS & B Safety Systems Ltd (UK) (UK)
BS2005 (UK)
Buchen Umweltservice (Germany)
Bulwell Precision Engineers Limited (UK)
Bumwoo Eng (Korea)
Burns & Roe (USA)
Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH (Germany)
BVMI Process Engineering (UK)
BWXT (McDermott group) (USA)
C&C Metals Engineering, Inc. (USA)
Cable Team (UK) Limited (UK)
Cabrera Services, Inc. (USA)
Calder Engineering Ltd (UK)
Calder Industrial Materials (UK)
Caldon Inc. (USA)
Caliper Inc. (USA)
Cameco Corporation (Canada)
Camom (France)
Canada Alloy Castings Ltd. (A Division of Atchison Casting) (Canada)
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (Canada)
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (Canada)
Canberra Areva (Formerly Canberra-Packard GmbH) (Germany)
Canberra Eurisys (France) (France)
Canberra GmbH - Areva (Formerly Eurisys Mesures) (Germany)
Canberra Harwell (UK)
Canberra Industries Inc (Areva NC) (USA)
Canberra Packard (CPCE Information Centre) (Ukraine)
Canberra Packard Bulgaria Ltd (Bulgaria)
Canberra Packard Central Europe GmbH (Austria) (Austria)
Canberra Packard Spol sr.o. (Czech Republic)
Canberra-Packard Kft. (Hungary) (Hungary)
Candesco Research Corporation (Canada)
Canning Resources Pty Ltd (a Rio Tinto Ltd subsidiary) (Australia)
Capintec, Inc (USA)
Capricorne Group (France)
Capula (UK)
Caran Precision Engineering & Mfg. Corp. (USA)
Carbis Filtration Ltd (UK)
Carboline Company (USA)
CARBONE+ S.A. (Belgium)
Cardinal Health (USA)
Cardinal Health Radiation Management Services (UK)
Cardinal Health, Nuclear Pharmacy Services (Formerly Syncor) (USA)
Care Wise Medical Products Corporation (USA)
Care Wise Medical Products Corporation (Europe) (Germany)
CareerBuilder Formerly (USA)
Carillion Nuclear Services (formerly Mowlem) (UK)
Carillion plc (UK)
Carmelec (France)
Carolina Fabricators Inc. (USA)
Carpenter Technology (USA)
Castell Safety International Ltd (UK)
Castle Metals UK (UK)
Caterpillar (USA)
CCI Valve Doctors (Formerly CCI AG) (Switzerland)
CCSP (France)
Cecom Snc (Italy)
Cedar Mountain (Formerly Greenfield Logistics, LLC) (USA)
Cee Vee Engineering Ltd (UK)
Cegelec NDT (France) (France)
Cegelec NDT (Germany) (Germany)
Cegelec Systems and Services (Belgium) (Belgium)
Cementex Products Inc (USA)
Central Research Laboratories (USA)
Centronic Ltd (Radiation Detector Division) (UK)
Century (Korea)
Ceradyne Boron Products (formerly Eagle Picher Boron) (USA)
Ceradyne, Inc. (USA)
CeramTec North America Corporation (Formerly Ceramaseal) (USA)
CERAP (France)
CERCA (France)
CERCA LEA (Laboratoire d Etalons d Activités) (France)
Cetco (USA)
CETIC (France)
CETROM Consulting Engineering, Inc. (USA)
Cezus (France)
CFS Utility Services, LLC. (USA)
CH2M Hill (USA)
Champs Software, Inc (USA)
Charles Austen Pumps Ltd (UK)
Charles Brami Ets (France)
Charlet SA (France)
Chaudronnerie Tuyauterie Montage (France)
Chaudronnerie Tuyauterie Rhone Alsace (France)
Chekhov (Russia)
Chem-Nuclear Systems Inc (USA)
CHEMCOMEX Praha, a. s. (Czech Republic)
Chessieview Services, Inc. (USA)
Chesterton International Inc (USA)
Chielens BVBA (Belgium)
Chimmed (Russia)
China Abrasives Import & Export Corporation CAEC (China)
China Baltic Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd (China)
China Diesel Injection Corporation (China)
China Isotope Corporation (CIC) (China)
China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) (China)
China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co.,Ltd. (China)
China Topper Forged Valve Manufacturer Co., Ltd. (China)
China Valve Flange Company (China)
China Xinhai Valve Manufacturer Company (China)
China Xuanda Industrial Group (China)
China Yaao Forged Valve Co., Ltd (Argentina)
Chinalutong diesel engine plant (China)
Chiyoda Technol (Japan)
CHLORIDE Industrial Systems (France)
CHP Consultants (USA)
Chromalloy France (France)
CHVB spol. s r. o. (Slovak Republic)
Cimage Nuclear (UK)
Circle Seal Controls Inc. (USA)
CIS Bio international (France)
Cita Group (France)
CitiSafe Pte Ltd (Singapore)
CKY incorporated (USA)
Class7Training (USA)
Clemessy (France)
Cleveland Hard Facing, Inc. (USA)
Climatronics Corporation (USA)
Cline Mining Corporation (Canada)
CLM Industrie (FRANCE)
Clyde Pumps (Incorporating Weir Pumps Glasgow) (UK)
Clyde Valley Drilling (UK)
CM Nuclear Systems CC (South Africa)
CMC AMERICAS (Formerly Baton Rouge International, Inc.) (USA)
CMW (France)
CNC Contract Manufacturing (USA)
CNIM Construction Industrielles de la Méditerranée (France)
CNMO (France)
Coastal Network, Inc. (USA)
Cobalt AV (Formerly Comtronics, Inc.) (USA)
Cobra (Spain)
Cofathec Omega (France)
Cofrar (France)
Cogema - china (Areva NC) (China)
Cogema - Korea (Areva NC) (Korea)
Cogema - Taiwan (Areva NC) (Taiwan)
Cogne Acciai Speciali S.p.a. (Italy)
Colenco Power Engineering Ltd (Switzerland)
Collier Associates, Inc (USA)
Collins Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. (USA)
Combustibles Nucleares Argentinos S.A. (CONUAR) (Argentina)
Comecer (Italy)
Comex Nucleaire SA (France)
Commissariat a l Energie Atomique (CEA) (France)
Commodore Applied Technologies Inc. (USA)
CompuMed Inc. (USA)
Computer Engineering Services Inc (USA)
Computer Simulation and Analysis Inc (USA)
Computerised Information Technology Ltd (UK)
Comurhex (France)
Concept Alloys (Formerly Hoskins Manufacturing Company) (USA)
Conco Systems Inc (USA)
Concordia Conseil (Translation) (France)
Conger & Elsea, Inc. (USA)
Connectivity Solutions Plus (USA)
Consafe Engineering Services Ltd (UK)
Consarc Engineering Limited (UK)
Consolidated Power Supply (USA)
Constellation Nuclear Services - Constellation Energy Group (USA)
Constellation Technology Corporation (USA)
Construction Solutions, Inc. (USA)
Container Technologies Industries, LLC (USA)
Container, d.o.o. (Other)
Container, d.o.o. (Other)
Container, d.o.o. (Other)
Container, d.o.o. (Other)
Container, d.o.o. (Other)
Container, d.o.o. (Other)
Container, d.o.o. (Other)
Contex Environment (Montreal) (Canada)
Contex Environment (Toronto) (Canada)
Contitech Beattie Limited (UK)
Controlled Demolition Group Ltd. (UK)
Controltech AG (Switzerland)
Conval Inc (USA)
Converdyn (USA)
Cook Airtomic, Dover Resources, Inc. (USA)
Cooper B-Line (USA)
Copes-Vulcan Inc. (USA)
Copes-Vulcan Ltd. (UK)
CoPhysics Corporation (USA)
CORE Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (India)
CoreStar International Corp. (USA)
Corinium HR Management Ltd (UK)
Corrosion Control Services, Inc. (USA)
Corrosion Restoration Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Corus Process Engineering (UK)
CORYS T.E.S.S. (France)
Cosense Inc. (USA)
Costain (UK)
Cotter Corporation (General Atomics (GA) affiliate ) (USA)
Coyne et Bellier S.A. (France)
CPC Container Products Corporation (USA)
CPI Concrete Products Inc. (USA)
Crac Industrial SA de CV (Mexico)
Crane Nuclear (UK) (UK)
Crane Nuclear (USA) (USA)
Crane Valve Group (USA)
Crane Valve North America - Crane Co (Formerly Newman Hattersley Ltd) (Canada)
CraneTech Solutions CTS (formerly Noell Crane and Service, Inc. (USA)) (USA)
CREASO GmbH (Germany)
Cremat, Inc (USA)
Cremat, Inc (USA)
CRIT Group (France)
Croft Associates Ltd (UK) (UK)
Croft Associates Ltd (USA) (USA)
Cross Match Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Cryophysics GmbH (Germany)
CSI-Radiation Safety Academy (USA)
CTCI Machinery Corporation (Taiwan)
CTE-Nordtest (France)
CTR Technical Services Inc (USA)
Cuddy Group (UK)
Cues (USA)
Currie & Brown (UK)
Curtiss-Wright (USA)
Custom Composites Ltd (UK)
Custom Manufacturing, Inc. (USA)
Cutting Technologies (CTI) (USA)
Cyberia (France)
Cybermotion Inc (USA)
Cybernetix (France)
CYTOGEN Corporation (USA)
D Huart Industrie SA (France)
D J Birchall Ltd (UK)
D.J.B. Instruments (France)
Dacon Systems, Inc. (USA)
Daedalon (USA)
Daher (France)
Dalur (Subsidiary of Joint Stock Company TVEL Corporation ) (Russia)
Danfoss High-Pressure Water Solutions (USA)
Darchem Engineering Ltd (UK)
Das Simulatorzentrum KSG-Gfs (The Simulator Centre) (Germany)
Dat-Con d.o.o. (Croatia)
Data Spectrum Corporation (USA)
Data Systems & Solutions UK (UK)
Data Systems & Solutions (USA)
Data Systems & Solutions France (France)
Davin Optronics Ltd. (UK)
Davis Instruments (USA)
Day & Zimmermann Engineering and Construction Services (USA)
Day & Zimmermann NPS, Inc. Maintenance and Modification Services (USA)
Day & Zimmermann NPS, Inc. Security Services (USA)
Day and Zimmermann Ltd (UK)
DBE Technology (Germany)
DC White & Partners Ltd. (UK)
De Plaatijzerindustrie BV (The Netherlands)
Dearborn Inc. (USA)
Decomkov Praha Ltd (Czech Republic)
Decon Laboratories Ltd (UK)
Decta (France)
Deep ocean engineering (USA)
DeepSouth Hardware Solutions, LLC (USA)
DEKRA CZ, a.s. (Czech Republic)
Deloro Stellite (UK) (UK)
Deloro Stellite GmbH (Germany)
Delta Controls Ltd (UK)
Delta Protection (Bacou Dalloz) (France)
Dembiermont (France)
Demolition Technologies Inc. (USA)
Denison Mines Inc. (Canada)
Derbo Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (China)
Deret (France)
Deritend Electrical Services Ltd (UK)
Dervos Valves Manufacturing Co., Ltd (China)
Descote S.A. (France)
Detec (Canada)
Detection Technology, Inc. (Finland)
Deva Manufacturing Services (UK)
DGP International Limited (UK)
Diagnostic plus, Inc. (USA)
Diakont (Russia)
Diakont (Russia)
Diakont (Russia)
Diamo (Czech Republic)
Differential Pressure Instruments Inc. (USA)
Digirad (USA)
Direct Scientific (USA)
Distron (UK)
Dive Tech International Incorporated (USA)
Diversified Environmental Services, Inc. (USA)
Diversified Metal Products (USA)
Diversified Technologies Services Inc (USA)
Divesco (USA)
DME Corporation (USA)
Dominion Engineering, Inc. (USA)
DongFang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. (China)
Dongfang Steam Turbine works (China)
Doosan Babcock (formerly Mitsui Babcock) (UK) (UK)
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Formerly Hanjung or KHIC) (USA)
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (previously Hanjung) (Korea)
Dosirad (France)
Dotmed (USA)
Dozimetrs Ltd. (Latvia)
Dr Thiedig & Co (Germany)
Dräger Safety (Germany)
DRAGONS de Veracruz S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Dresser Inc. Americas (Masoneilan North American Operations) (USA)
Dresser Produits Industriels (France)
Drums of Steel (USA)
DSM (The Netherlands )
DuBose National Energy Service (USA)
Ducroux (France)
Dufrane Nuclear Shielding, Inc. (USA)
Dufrane Nuclear Shielding, Inc. (USA)
Duke Engineering & Services (USA) (USA)
Duren Controls, Inc. (USA)
Durose manufacturing (Canada)
Dynamic Flowform Corp. (USA)
Dynamic Rubber Inc (USA)
DYNATROL Division - Automation Products, Inc. (USA)
E.H. Wachs Company (USA)
E.S. Fox Limited (Canada)
E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. (USA)
EADS Sodern (France)
Eagle Companies (USA)
Eagle Companies (USA)
EAI Ingenierie (France)
Earmark Inc (USA)
Earth Tech (USA)
East-West Technology Corporation (USA)
Eastern Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Eaton Corporation (USA)
EB-Tech (Korea)
Eberline Services (USA)
EBIS Iotron Ltd (UK)
EC Harris (UK)
Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services Ltd (UK)
Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products GmbH (Germany)
Eclipse Systems (USA)
Ecolochem Inc (USA) (USA)
Ecomet-S (Russia)
ECOTEST (Ukraine)
Ecotest (Sparing-Vist Center, PE SPPE) (Ukraine)
ECSI International, Inc (USA)
ECU Corporation (USA)
EDA, Inc. (USA)
Ederer Inc (USA)
Edison ESI (USA)
Edlow International Company (Aus) (Australia)
Edlow International Company (Russia) (Russia)
Edlow International Company (USA) (USA)
Edmund Nuttall Limited (UK)
EDO corporation (Formerly Ail systems Inc.) (USA)
EET corporation (USA)
EFCO France SNC (France)
EFCO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Egis Industries (Sechaud et Metz) (France)
EGP INVEST, spol. s r.o. (Czech Republic)
Eichrom Europe Laboratories (France)
Eichrom Technologies, Inc. (USA)
EIFFEL Construction métallique (France)
Eksorb Ltd (Russia)
El.Se. Srl (Italy)
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) (USA)
Electro Aço Altona S.A. (Brasil)
Electro Mechanical Systems Ltd (UK)
Electrochit (Moselectro - JOINT STOCK COMPANY Moscow plant electrical shield) (Russia)
Electromark (USA)
Electron Tubes Inc. (USA) (USA)
Electron Tubes Ltd (UK) (UK)
Elekta (USA)
EleMach - Mashinostroitelny Zavod (TVEL Corporation) (Russia)
Elexor Associates, Inc (USA)
Elg carrs special steels (UK)
ELIAV Medical Imaging Systems (Israel)
Elliot Scientific Ltd. (UK)
Elliott Manufacturing (USA)
Elmec Automation Ltd (UK)
Elsevier Science (E-Products, Customer Service Department) (The Netherlands)
Elsevier Science (USA & Canada) (USA)
Elsevier Science - Japan (Books) (Japan)
EMCEL Filters Limited (UK)
EMCS (France)
Emed (USA)
Emergency Freight International (Ireland)
Emerson Process Management (Formerly Bestobell Mobrey GmbH) (Germany)
Emerson Process Management (formerly Fisher Controls International, Inc.) (USA)
Emerson Process Management (France) (France)
Emerson Process Management / Fisher-Rosemount (Switzerland)
Emerson Process Management AB (Formerly Mobrey) (Sweden)
Emerson Process Management nv/sa (Formerly Mobrey SA-NV) (Belgium)
Empire Magnetics Inc. (USA)
Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radioactivos SA (ENRESA) (Spain)
Empresarios Agrupados (Spain)
Empyrean Services LLC (USA)
EMR Photoelectric (a division of Schlumberger Technology) (USA)
Encapsulation Technologies (USA)
ENCO Ltd. (Greece)
ENCONET Consulting Ges.m.b.H. (Austria)
ENDEL (France)
Endevco (France) (France)
Endevco UK Ltd (UK)
Endevco USA (USA)
ENDEVCO Vertriebs GmbH (Germany)
Enercon Services inc. (USA)
Energoinvest CZ a.s. (Formerly Energoprojekt Praha) Cimex Group (Czech Republic)
Energomash (Formerly Atommash) (Russia)
Energoproekt plc (Bulgaria)
Energoprojekt Bratislava, a.s. (Slovak Republic)
ENERGOTECH Praha s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Energovyzkum Spol s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Energy & Process Corporation (USA)
Energy Research, Inc. (ERI) (USA)
Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA) (Australia)
Energy Steel & Supply Company (USA)
EnergySolutions EU Ltd (UK)
Enersys - Motive Power Hawker (Formerly PowerSafe Standby Batteries Inc. (USA)) (USA)
Enersys - Motive Power Hawker (Formerly VHB Industrial Batteries) (Belgium)
EnerSys AB (Formerly Hawker Batteries AB) (Sweden)
EnerSys Asia (Formerly Hawker Energy Limited) (China)
EnerSys Canada Inc. (Formerly Hawker Powersafe) (Canada)
EnerSys Japan (Formerly Hawker Batteries) (Japan)
Enersys Part of Hawker Energy Products Ltd (UK) (UK)
Enertech (Division of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation) (USA)
EnerWaste International Corporation (USA)
Engdahl Enterprises (USA)
Engine Systems Inc. (USA)
Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Columbus (USA)
Engineering Planning and Management, Inc. (USA)
ENTECH (European Nuclear Technologies Ltd.) (UK)
Entor Corporation (USA)
Enusa (Spain)
Envair (UK)
Envikraft AS (Denmark)
Envinet (Czech Republic)
ENVINET GmbH (Germany) (France)
Environmental Rail Solutions, Inc. (USA)
Environmental Specialties Group LLC (USA)
Enviros Consulting Ltd (UK)
Enviros Spain S.L. (Formerly Enviros QuantiSci) (Spain)
Enwesa Operaciones (Spain)
EQE International UK (UK)
Equipos Nucleares SA (ENSA) (Spain)
ERAS (France)
ERI Consulting & Co. (ERI World) (Switzerland)
ERIN Engineering and Research Inc (USA)
ERNE Fittings GmbH (Austria)
ES-konsult (Sweden)
ESK (Formerly Wacker Engineered Ceramics, Inc.) (USA)
ESK - a Ceradyne Company (Formerly Wacker-Chemie GmbH) (Germany)
EST Group (USA)
Ets J. Clappaz (France)
ETV-ERŐTERV Rt. (Hungary)
Euclid Garment Manufacturing Company (USA)
Eupen Cable (Belgium)
Euridis Ingénierie (France)
Euro Collimators (UK)
Euro Contrôle Projet (France)
Euro Nuclear Services B.V. (The Netherlands)
Eurofiltec SA (France)
European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology ESTRO (Belgium)
Europlasma (France)
Eurorad (France)
Eurotherm (Formerly Barber-Colman Company) (USA)
EWSA (Czech Republic)
EWT Cameras Ltd (UK)
Exavision (France)
Excel Modular Scaffold and Leasing Corp. (USA)
Excel Services Corporation (USA)
Excelco Developments, Inc. (USA)
Exeeco Limited (UK)
Exin (France)
Exolon-ESK (USA)
Ezeflow Inc. (Canada)
F&J Specialty Products, inc. (USA)
FabOhio Inc. (USA)
Fabricacion de Aleaciones Especiales S.A (FAE) (Argentina)
Fabricom GTI (Formerly E.N.I. NV Elektrische Nijverheidsinstallaties n.v.) (Belgium)
Fabricom GTI (part of Suez Group) (Belgium)
Facilia (Sweden)
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (Czech Republic)
Fagerstrom Industrikonsult AB (Sweden)
Fairfield Control Systems (UK)
Fangyuan Valve Group Co., Ltd (China)
Far West Technology, Inc. (USA)
Farreaching technical trading Inc (China)
FBFC-Fuel (Areva NP) (France)
FCI Fluid Components International (USA)
FCI Frenzel Consulting & Instruments (Germany)
FCX Thompson Valves (UK)
FDRS (France)
Feedwater Limited (UK)
FEI Company (USA)
Ferguson Modular (UK)
FEVDI (France)
Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Fillworth (UK) Limited (UK)
Filtration Technologies (USA)
Finder Pompes PMH (France)
Fine Tubes Ltd (UK)
Fircroft (UK) (UK)
Fircroft Inc (USA)
Fisher Scientific Worldwide (Fisher Scientific International Inc) (USA)
Flanders Corporation (USA)
Flangefitt Stainless Ltd. (UK)
FlawTech (USA)
Flexaust Company Inc (USA)
Flexible & Specialist Cables (UK)
Flo Maintenance (France)
Flowserve (formerly Limitorque Corporation) (USA)
Flowserve (Worcester-Controls) (USA)
Flowserve Edward (Formerly Edward Vogt Valve Company) (USA)
Flowserve formerly Limitorque Corporation (headquarters USA) (UK)
Flowserve Naval Oy (NAF) (Finland)
Flowserve USA (USA)
Fluid Components International (USA)
Fluid Tech Inc (USA)
Fluke Biomedical (Formerly Survey Meters online) (USA)
Focus NDT Ltd (UK)
Fontijne Grotnes BV (The Netherlands)
Force Technology (Denmark)
Forging Casting Stamping Creator Company (China)
Formation Capital Corp. (Canada)
Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Institute for Safety Research and Reactor Technology (ISR) (Germany)
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH (Germany)
Forschungszentrum Rossendorf e.V. (Germany)
Fort Vale Engineering Ltd (UK)
Fortum Nuclear Service Ltd (Power and Heat businesses) (Finland)
Fortum Sverige AB (Sweden)
Foster Miller Inc (USA)
Foure Lagadec (France)
Fournie Grospaud (France)
Framatome ANP, Fuel design &sales division / Fragema (France)
Framatome, Centre Technique (France)
Framatome, Chalon factory (France)
Framatome, maintenance division (France)
Framatome, specialised maintenance division (France)
Framatome, Waste & Decommissioning division (France)
Framatome-ANP (Fast & Research Reactors Business Unit) (France)
France Instrumentation (France)
Frantec BV (The Netherlands)
Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd (UK)
Freeze Technology International, Inc. (USA)
Frham Safety Products, Inc. (Nashville, TN) (USA)
Frham Safety Products, Inc. (Rock hill, SC) (USA)
Friotherm (Germany)
Friotherm (Germany)
Frontier Pitts Ltd (UK)
Frontier Technology Corp. (USA)
FSUE OKB Gidropress (Russia)
Furmanite (USA) (USA)
Furmanite International Ltd - UK (UK)
Future Pipe Industries B.V. (The Netherlands)
Fylde Executive Cars Ltd (UK)
G/O Corp. (USA)
Galson Sciences Limited (UK)
Gamble Technologies Ltd (Canada)
Gamma assistance (France)
Gamma Medica-Ideas (Norway) AS (Norway)
Gamma Products Inc (USA)
Gamma Scout (USA)
Gammadata (Sweden)
Gammadata Finland Oy (Finland)
Gammatom S.r.l. (Italy)
Ganthner Consulting (USA)
Gardner Denver (USA)
Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems Inc. (USA)
Garlock France (France)
Garlock Helicoflex (USA)
Garlock Sealing Technologies (USA)
Garlock Sealing Technologies (India) (India)
GB Engineering enterprises (India)
Ge Custom Fabrication Business (Formerly Ionics, Inc.) (USA)
GE Healthcare (Fomerly Nuclear interface) (Germany)
GE Healthcare (formerly GE Imatron) (USA)
GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp. (formerly Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Inc. (USA)) (USA)
GE Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging Formerly GE Medical systems Ltd (UK) (UK)
GE Healthcare Europe GmbH Tyskland (Formerly Amersham Biotech AB) (Sweden)
GE Infrastructure Sensing (formerly GE Panametrics Inc) (USA)
GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies (France) (France)
GE Inspection Technlogies (Formerly Everest VIT Inc) (Canada)
GE Inspection Technlogies (Formerly Krautkramer Inc.) (USA)
GE Inspection Technlogies Formerly Hocking NDT Ltd (UK)
GE Inspection Technologies (Formerly Everest VIT Inc (USA)) (USA)
GE Medical Systems (France) (France)
GE Medical Systems France (France)
GE Power Systems (GE Energy) (USA)
GE Reuter-Stokes Inc. (USA)
GE Water & Process Technologies (Formerly Osmonics) (USA)
GE Water (formerly Ecolochem International Ltd.) (UK)
GEA Group (Germany)
GEA Kestner (France)
GEBCO Engineering, Inc. (USA)
Gemini Technology Ltd (UK)
Gems Sensors & Controls Inc (USA) (USA)
Gems Sensors Ltd (UK) (UK)
Genassis, Inc. (USA)
General Atomics (USA)
General Atomics Chemistry Laboratory (USA)
General Atomics Electronic Systems Inc. (USA)
General Engineering Laboratories (The GEL Group, Inc.) (USA)
Genitron Instruments GmbH (Germany)
Georgia Western, Inc (USA)
Geser Ingenierie (France)
Gibson Consulting Limited (UK)
Gihmm GmbH (Austria)
Gilardoni SpA (Italy)
Gimpel Corporation (Tyco) (USA)
GIST (France)
Gleeds (UK)
Global Dosimetry Solutions Inc. (USA)
Global Energy Consultants, LLC (USA)
Global Energy Group (UK)
Global Healthcare Exchange (formerly Neoforma) (USA)
Global Quality Management Associates (USA)
Global Tech Services (India)
Global Tech Services (India)
Globaltest (Russia)
Glove-Box GANUK GmbH (Germany)
GLS Enterprises, Inc (USA)
GNB Gesellschaft fuer Nuklear-Behaelter mbH (Germany)
Goldenflex (France)
Golder Associates (Canada) (Canada)
Golder Associates (UK) (UK)
Goodfellow (UK)
Goodfellow Corporation (USA)
Gore (USA)
Graetz Strahlungsmesstechnik GmbH Altena (Germany)
Graftech Inc. (USA)
Graftel, Inc. (USA)
Graham Corporation (USA)
Graham Engineering (UK)
Granta Design Ltd (UK)
Granutech-Saturn Systems Corp. (USA)
Gravatom Engineering Systems Limited (UK)
Graver Technologies (USA)
Graver Water (Division of The Graver Company) (USA)
Great Plains Nuclear Services inc (USA)
Green SA (France)
Greenstar (Russia)
Greg Sackett s website (USA)
Gregg services (USA)
Griss (France)
Groc (France)
Grontmij (formerly Carl Bro) (UK)
Groupe Bohler Soudage France (France)
GRS (Gesellschaft fur Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherhelt) mbH (Germany)
GSE Power Systems (Formerly RNI Technologies) (USA)
GSE Power Systems AB (Sweden) (Sweden)
GSE Systems Inc (USA) (USA)
Guang Dong Electric Power Design Institute (China)
Guangdong Cometary Nucleus Industrial (China)
Guangzhou Etwotouch Electronict Equipment Co. Ltd. (China)
Guangzhou Xinying,ltd (China)
Gulf Coast Automation, Inc. (USA)
Gutierrez-Palmenberg, Inc. (USA)
GUTOR Electronic Ltd (Switzerland)
Guyson International Ltd (UK)
GZY Pipe Fitting Industries (China)
H & M Pipe Beveling Machine Company Inc. (USA)
H Smith (Engineers) Limited (UK)
H.T.M.S. (Saint-Gobain Seals)) (Belgium)
Habia Cable (USA) (USA)
Habia Cable Asia Ltd (Korea)
Habia Cable Ltd (UK) (UK)
Habia Cable Nordic AB (Denmark)
Habia Cable Nordic AB (Sweden) (Sweden)
Habia Cable SA (France) (France)
Habia Cable Sp.z o.o (Poland) (Poland)
Habia Kabel GmbH (Germany)
Habsco Corporation (USA)
Hach Ultra Analytics - Orbisphere (South Africa) (South Africa)
Hach Ultra Analytics - Orbisphere (UK) (UK)
Hach Ultra Analytics Inc. - Orbisphere (Japan) (Japan)
Hach Ultra Analytics SA (Switzerland)
Hach Ultra Analytics SAS - Orbishpere (France) (France)
Hakuto Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Halcrow (UK)
Hamill Mfg. Co. (USA)
Hammonds (UK)
Hanil Nuclear Inc. (Korea)
Hankook Jungsoo Industries Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Hanley Chesworth Ltd (UK)
Hans Wälischmiller GmbH (Germany)
Hansa Projekt Anlagentechnik GmbH (Germany)
Harbin Power Equipment Company Ltd. (Formerly Harbin Power Generator Co ltd) (China)
Harper International Corporation (USA)
Harvard Medical School, Department of Continuing Education (USA)
Harwell Dosimeters Ltd (UK)
HAS Group (Norway)
Haskel International, inc. (USA)
Hatch Energy (Formerly Hatch Acres) (Canada)
Hawker GmbH (Germany)
Haynes International France (France)
Hayward Turnstiles Inc. (USA)
Hayward Tyler Engineered Products Limited (UK)
HazmatT Storage Containers (a division of HSC Systems, Inc.) (USA)
Heathgate Resources Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
Heavy Water Board (HWB) (India)
Hebei Topmetal I/E Co.,Ltd (China)
Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH (Germany)
Helgeson Scientific Services (USA)
Helix technology (Granville Phillips) (USA)
Help Emploi (France)
Hemisphere (France)
Henry Pratt Company (USA)
HEPA Corporation (USA)
HEPENIX Ltd (Hungary)
Heritage Environmental Services, LLC (USA)
Hermes Medical Solutions (Formerly Nuclear Diagnostics) (Sweden)
Hermes Medical Solutions - Nuclear Diagnostics (UK) (UK)
Herndon & Associates, Inc (USA)
HERNIS Scan Systems (Norway)
Hertel Ltd (UK) (UK)
Hesse Equipment Company (USA)
Hexacontrole (France)
HGW Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (Germany)
HI Disposal Systems, Inc (Formerly HI Company) (USA)
Hi-Con Technocast Pvt. Ltd. (India)
HI-Q Environmental Products Company (USA)
Hidex Oy (Finland)
Hill International Inc (USA)
Hiltap Fittings Ltd. (Canada)
Hima-Sella Ltd (UK)
Hitachi Canadian Industries Ltd. (Canada)
Hitachi Ltd (Japan) (Japan)
Hitachi Power Systems (USA) (USA)
Hitachi Zosen USA Ltd (USA)
HITEC Corporation (USA)
Hochtief (Germany)
Hoefer & Bechtel GmbH (Germany)
Hoke Inc (USA) (USA)
Hoke International Ltd. (Europe) (UK)
Holden s CVE (UK)
Holtec International (USA)
Holtec International (Formerly U.S. Tool & Die, Inc.) (USA)
Honeywell (former Allied-Signal) (USA)
Hongkong Neotime International Industry Co.,Ltd (China)
Hooper Welding Enterprises Ltd (Canada)
Hopewell Designs, Inc. (USA)
Hot Cell Services Corporation (USA) (USA)
Hrid-ndt (Croatia)
HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH (Germany)
HSB Professional Loss Control (USA)
HTG/Hitech Aero (USA)
HUBER+SUHNER AG (Switzerland) (Switzerland)
Huihua Fittings (China)
Huihua Fittings (China)
Huihua Valve Industry Co. (China )
Hunan great steel pipe co.,ltd (China)
Hungerford & Terry, Inc. (USA)
Hunt Valve Company (USA)
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited (UK)
Hydro-Lek Ltd (UK) (UK)
Hyosung Ebara Co. Ltd., (HECO) (Korea)
HYTEC Hydro Technologie (France)
Hytorc Inc (Div of Unex Corp.) (USA)
Hyunwoo Industrial Co., Ltd. (Korea)
I&C Energo (Czech Republic)
I2E industrie (France)
IBA Group (Belgium)
Iberinco (Iberdrola Ingenieria y Consultoria) (Spain)
IBRAE (The Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Science) (Russia)
IceSolv (Radiological Services, Inc.) (USA)
Idaho National Laboratory (INL) (Formerly Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory) (USA)
Idealex (France)
IDETEC Ingénierie (France)
Idreco S.p.A. (Italy)
IESL Gas turbines (USA)
IFE (Norway)
IGC-APD Cryogenics (UK)
Igus UK Limited (UK)
IHI (Japan)
IHI Southwest Technologies (USA)
II-VI Incorporated (USA)
IJS Consultants (UK)
Image On Call (USA)
Imaging & Sensing Technology (IST) Corporation (Canada)
Imaging Equipment Ltd (UK)
Imasonic (France)
Imation (USA)
IMC Chemicals, Inc. (USA)
IMI Norgren Ltd (UK)
Immunomedics (Europe) (Germany)
Immunomedics (USA) (USA)
Imphy Ugine (Groupe Usinor) (France)
IMPULSE, Pyatigorsk Plant (Russia)
IN/US Systems (USA)
Indian Rare Earths Ltd. (India)
Indiana Gratings Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Indium Corporation of America (USA)
Indium Corporation of America (Europe) (UK)
Indus International (UK)
Industeel (groupe Arcelor) (France)
Industria Engineering Products Ltd (UK)
Industrial Peer-to-Peer L.L.C. (USA)
Industrial Tomography Systems (UK)
Industrial Video Systems, Inc. (USA)
INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology (Croatia)
Infratech Corporation (Canada)
InFusion ECS (Formerly The Foxboro Company) (USA)
Ingerop (France)
Initec Nuclear (Spain)
Innovative Industrial Solutions Inc. (USA)
Innovative Technology Solutions Corp (USA)
INS - International Nuclear Services Ltd (UK)
INS Innovation (formally RTS Innovation) (UK)
Insinööritoimisto Heikki Iso-Kuusela OY (Finland)
Insituform Technologies Inc (USA) (USA)
Insituform Technologies Ltd (UK) (UK)
Inspectahire Inst. Co. Ltd (UK)
InspecTech Inc. (Canada)
Institut de soudure (cellule Ingenerie nucleaire) (France)
Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires (INSTN) (France)
Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. (IZOTOP) (Hungary)
Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (Taiwan) (Taiwan)
Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE) (Russia)
Institute of Radiation Protection, GSF (Germany)
Instrument Making Plant (Russia)
Instrument Technology Inc. (ITI) (USA)
InTANK, Inc. (USA)
Intecsa-Inarsa, S.A. (Spain)
Integrated Engineering Services (Aberdeen) Ltd (Scotland)
Integrated Environmental Management, Inc. (IEM) (USA)
Integrated Environmental Technologies, LLC (IET) (USA)
IntelligeNDT Systems & Services GmbH & Co (Part of Areva Np) (Germany)
Intercontrole (Areva NP) (France)
International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA (Training Courses Section) (Austria)
International medcom (USA)
International Safety Research Inc. (ISR) (Canada)
International Uranium (USA) Corp. (USA)
Internexco GmbH (Germany)
Interserve Industrial Services Limited (UK)
Intra (Russia)
Intraco s.p.a. (Italy)
Inuktun Services Ltd (Canada)
INVAP (Argentina)
INVESTprojekt NNC, s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
INYPSA Informes y Proyectos S.A. (Spain)
Ionex Research Corporation (USA)
Ionisos (France)
IPEN Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares (Brasil)
IRELEC (France)
IRH Engineering, Département BEFS-PEC (France)
ISEC Industrial Security AB (Sweden)
Isochemicals Corp. (Russia)
Isoflex (Russia) (Russia)
Isoflex (USA) (USA)
Isolite (USA)
IsoSolutions Marketing & Management Inc. (Canada)
IsoTech Design Inc. (Canada)
Isotherma (France)
Isotope Products Laboratories (USA)
Isotron (UK - Group Head Office) (UK)
Isotron B.V. (The Netherlands)
Isotron Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
Isotron Ireland Ltd (Ireland)
Isotron SA (France)
Isotron Thailand Ltd (Thailand)
ISS Facility Services (Formerly Brant Industrial Services Group BISG) (Belgium)
ISS Facility Services AB (Sweden)
ISS France (France)
IST Imaging Systems Group (Germany)
IST Nuclear Power Subsystems (South Africa)
ISTec (Institut fur Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH) (Germany)
IT Corporation (USA)
Itochu Fine Chemical Corp. (Japan)
ITT (Formerly Research Systems Inc RSI) (USA)
ITT Industries - Engineered Valves (USA)
ITT Visual Information Solutions (Concentrate Corporation) (Taiwan)
ITT Visual Information Solutions (Formerly Research Systems International (UK) Ltd) (UK)
ITT-Goulds Pumps Headquarters (USA)
Izhorskiye Zavody (subsidiary of OMZ global) (Russia)
Izmieritel (Russia)
J. L. Shepherd and Associates (USA)
Jacobies Industries (USA)
Jacobs (UK)
Jacobsen Engineering (UK)
Jacomex (France)
JAI Corporation (USA)
James Fisher Nuclear (UK)
James Fisher Nuclear Ltd (UK)
James Walker & Co Ltd (UK) (UK)
James Walker France (France)
James Walker Rotabolt Ltd (UK)
Jamesbury Inc. (Metso automation) (USA)
JANUS (Japan NUS Co. ltd) (Japan)
Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) (Formerly Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC)) (Japan)
Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL) (Japan)
Japan Steel Works, LTD. (Japan)
Jaspar Valves and Maintenance s.a. (Belgium)
JEMA - Jesus Maria Aguirre, SA (Spain)
JetSeal, Inc. (USA)
Jeumont Industrie (France)
JFE Holdings, Inc. - JFE Steel Corporation (Formerly Nkk corporation) (Japan)
JGC Corporation (Japan)
JGC Engineering & Technical Services Ltd (UK)
JJCS (France)
JL Goslar (Germany)
JNR Resources Inc. (Canada)
JNT Technical Services Inc (USA)
John Caunt Scientific Limited (UK)
John Crane (UK)
Jomgex (Sweden)
Jonloo Valve Manufacturer Company (UK)
Jordan Manufacturing Ltd (UK)
Jordan Nuclear Co. (USA)
Joseph Oat Corp. (USA)
JP International (USA)
JSC Chemical and Metallurgical Plant (Russia)
JSC Chepetsky Mechanical Plant (Russia)
JSC Khiagda (Russia)
JSC Malysheva Mines Management (Russia)
JSC Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (TVEL Corporation) (Russia)
JSC Priargunsky Mining and Chemical Production Association (TVEL Corporation) (Russia)
JSC Znamya Truda (JSC Inteco) (Ukraine)
JSM Protective Inc (USA)
K&S Associates, Inc. (USA)
Kaeffer Wanner (France)
Kaeri Hanaro (High-flux Advanced Neutron Application Reactor) (Korea)
Kanata Electronic Services Limited (Canada)
KARBOX (Czech Republic)
Karita Research AB (Formerly Karinta-konsult) (Sweden)
Kavlico Corporation (USA)
Kavlico GmbH (a company of Schneider Electric) (Germany)
Kavlico, UK (UK)
Kazatomprom (Kazakhstan)
KCI Consultants (USA)
KE-Burgmann A/S (Denmark)
Kellett Enterprises, Inc. (USA)
Kelly Klosure (USA)
Kelly Yoo (USA)
Kemakta Konsult AB (Sweden)
Kenil international (india)
Keysur International Power-Tech Service Company (China)
KHG (Germany)
Khlopin Radium Institute (Russia)
Kidds Transport Ltd (UK)
Kier Construction Limited (UK)
Kimberly-Clark - Kchealthcare (Formerly Trimed) (USA)
Kinectrics Inc (Canada)
Kinemetrics Inc (USA)
Kinemetrics SA (Switzerland)
KineticSystems Company, LLC (USA)
Kingsley Plastics Ltd (UK)
Kinoptik (France)
Kitsons Environmental Europe Ltd (UK)
Kitsons Environmental Europe Ltd (UK)
Klimonitors OEG (Austria)
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (UK)
Komplekt Atom Izhora (Russia)
Kone Cranes (UK)
Korea Advanced Energy Research Institute (KAERI) (Korea)
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., LTD (Korea)
Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS) (Korea)
Korea Nuclear Energy Foundation (Formerly Organization for Korea Atomic Energy Awareness (OKAEA) ) (Korea)
Korea Nuclear Fuel Company (Korea)
Korea Plant Service & Engineering (KPS) (Korea)
Korea Power Engineering Company, Inc (Korea)
Korea Radiation Shield Eng Co ltd (Korea)
KORTEC s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Kraftanlagen Anlagentechnik München GmbH (Germany)
Kraftanlagen Heidelberg GmbH (GAH Group) (Germany)
Kralovopolska Ria (Czech Republic)
Kroll Cranes A/S (Denmark)
Krupp VDM GmbH Germany (Germany)
KSU (Karnkraftsakerhet och Utbildning AB) (Sweden)
Kunjforge (India)
Kunshan JST International Trading Co., Ltd. (China)
Kurz Instruments, Inc. (USA)
Kyung Sung Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. (Korea)
L-3 Communications MAPPS (Canada)
L. Bernard SA (France)
L2 Business Consulting Limited (UK)
La Calhene (France) (France)
La Calhene (UK) Ltd (UK)
Lab Safety Supply, Inc. (USA)
Laboratory Impex Systems Ltd (UK)
Laboratory of Environmental Radioactivity LRK-1 MEPhI (Russia)
Laboratory Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Laborel AS (Norway)
Laborelec (Belgian Laboratory of Electricity Industry) (Belgium)
Labtronic Oy (Finland)
Lacasa Hannover GmbH (Germany)
Lafferty GbR (Italy)
LAINSA (Logistica y Acondicionamientos Industriales S.A.) (Spain)
LAMSE S.L. (Spain)
Lancs Industries, Inc (USA)
Landauer (UK) (UK)
Landauer, Inc (USA)
Landee Pipe Valve & Flange Co., Ltd. (China)
Lanxess Ltd (UK)
Lapiz Online (India)
Lapiz Technical Services (India)
Laplace Technologies Inc. (USA)
Larsen & Toubro Limited (India)
Laser Systems Ltd (Russia)
LATTY international S.A. (France)
Laurence, Scott & Electromotors (LSE) Corporation (UK)
LCIE Landauer (France)
Lean Concepts Consulting (Lunan Enterprises Inc.) (USA)
Led Italia (Italy)
Lemarechal Celestin (France)
Lemer (France)
LEMER PAX (France)
Lemo (UK) Ltd (UK)
LEMO VERKAUF AG (Switzerland) (Switzerland)
Lemon Castings Inc (India)
Lesedi (South Africa)
Lewis Companies Inc. (Canada)
LFK (France)
Libervit (France)
Lights Camera Action (USA)
Lincoln Structural Solutions (USA)
Linseis GmbH (Germany)
Linvic Special Bolting Divison (UK)
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (USA)
Lisega AG (Germany) (Germany)
Lisega Ltd. (UK) (UK)
LISEGA Pipe Support Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)
Lisega SARL (France) (France)
LISTO bvba (Belgium)
Lixi Inc (USA)
LLP Intov-Elast (Russia)
LND, inc. (USA)
Logitest (France)
Lokmis (Lithuania)
Lorentz (France)
Los Alamos National Laboratory (Chemistry Division) (USA)
Lowe Engineering Limited (UK)
LQC s.l. (Spain)
LSC Group Limited (UK)
LTI (France)
Lucent (Specialty Fiber Group) (USA)
Ludlum Measurements Inc (USA)
Lutz et Krempp industries (France)
Luwa Bahnson Inc. (USA)
Luxx Ultra-Tech, Inc. (USA)
M&I Materials Ltd (UK)
M+W Zander (Formerly Krantz TKT) (Germany)
M.C. Air Filtration Ltd (UK)
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas (USA)
M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Mab Solutions GmbH (Germany)
Machining Design Associated Ltd. (Canada)
Madho Controls Pvt Ltd (India)
Malin Marine Consultants Ltd (UK)
Mallinckrodt (USA)
Mallinckrodt (France) (France)
Mallinckrodt (UK) (UK)
MAN B&W Diesel Canada Ltd. (Canada)
MAN B&W Diesel Ltd (UK)
MAN Diesel Inc (USA) (USA)
MAN Diesel SE (Germany)
MAN DWE (Deggendorfer Werft und Eisenbau) (Germany)
Mannings U.S.A. (USA)
Manometr Plc. (Russia)
Manufacturing Sciences Corporation (USA)
Marimex Japan K.K. (Japan)
Marine & Industrial Plastics Ltd (UK)
Marmen inc. (Canada)
Marsh (USA)
Marsh (Formerly Seabury & Smith) (USA)
Marsh Instrumentation (Canada)
Marsh Power and Utilities (UK)
Marubeni Corporation (Japan)
Masons (UK)
Master-Lee Energy Services (USA)
Matisec (France)
Mauell Corporation (USA)
Mayak Production Association (Russia)
MB Faber Limited (UK)
MCA Ingenierie (France)
McJunkin Corporation (USA)
McLeod Russel (France) (France)
McMaster Nuclear Reactor (Canada)
MCS Control Systems Ltd (UK)
MDM Services Corporation (USA)
MDS Nordion (Canada)
MDS Nordion (Belgium) (Belgium)
MDS Nordion (Hong Hong) (Hong Kong)
MDS Nordion (Japan) (Japan)
Mecachimie (France)
Mecagest (France)
Mecatiss (France)
MECh Engineers (India)
Mech-Tool EngineeringLtd (UK)
Mech-tronics (USA)
Mechanical Plant 345 (Russia)
Medasys Japan (Japan)
MEDDINGS Radiographics Ltd Formerly C.S. Products (TE) Ltd (UK)
Medi/Nuclear Corporation (USA)
Medical Equipment Resale, Inc (USA)
MedImage (USA)
Medisource (USA)
Medisystem (France)
Medplanet (USA)
MedWeb (USA)
Mega-Tech Services, Inc. (USA)
Menon Consulting AB (Sweden)
MERI (Groupe Mape) (France)
Merlin General Corporation (Canada)
Merpro Limited (UK)
Merrick & Company (USA)
Metal Solutions Design & Fabrication LLC (USA)
Metalico (USA)
Metaux speciaux (France)
Meter Conversion, Inc. (USA)
Metool Products Ltd (UK)
Metran IG (Metran Industrial Group) (Russia)
Metrobeton (Russia)
Metrosonics Inc (USA)
Metso Automation (Formerly Neles Automation) (Finland)
Metso Powdermet Oy (Finland)
MGP Instruments (USA) (Synodys Group) (USA)
MGP Instruments GmbH (Germany)
MGS (France)
MHF Logistical Solutions, Inc. (USA)
MHI engineering ent (Singapore)
Microfiltrex (Porvair Filtration Group) (UK)
Millbank Holdings Ltd (UK)
Millennium Services, Inc. (USA)
Milton Roy Europe (France)
Minco Products Inc (USA)
Mirion Technologies (USA)
Mirion Technologies (UK)
Mirion Technologies (MGPI) SA (France)
Mirion Technologies (RADOS) GmbH (Germany)
Mirion Technologies (RADOS) Oy, Health Physics Division (Finland)
MIRION Technologies IST France (France)
Mississauga Metals & Alloys Inc (Canada)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (Japan)
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (Japan)
Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Mitsui Babcock (USA) (USA)
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (Japan)
Mobrey SA (France)
Modřanská potrubní, a.s. (Czech Republic)
Mohawk Safety (Formerly Mohawk Industrial & Nuclear Supply Inc) (USA)
Mohr and Associates, Inc. (USA)
Montgomery Watson Harza (UK)
Morgan Advanced Ceramics (Alberox) Inc (USA)
Morgan Lewis (Nuclear Practice Group) (USA)
Morson International (UK)
Mostro a.s. (Czech Republic)
Mott Corporation (USA)
Mott MacDonald Group (UK)
Mound Technical Solutions, Inc (USA)
MPE (Mecanique de Precision pour Equipements) (Belgium)
MPR Associates Inc. (USA)
MRI Enterprises, LLC (aka:The MRI Co.) (USA)
MSA as (Czech Republic)
MTA KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute (Hungary)
MTL Group Limited (UK)
MTS Systems Corporation (USA)
MTT Ltd (UK)
MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH (Germany)
Musthane (France)
N. Wood Counter Laboratory Inc (USA)
NAC International (USA)
Nadco Tapes & Labels, Inc (USA)
Namco Controls Corporation (USA)
National Co-operative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) (Switzerland)
National Electrostatics Corp. (USA)
National Physical Laboratory (NPL) (UK)
National Radiological Protection Board (UK)
National Sorbents (USA)
Navantia (Formerly Bazan) (Spain)
Navarro Research & Engineering, INC (USA)
NBC-SYS France (Giat Industries) (France)
NBC-SYS USA (Giat Industries) (USA)
NCS Corporation (USA)
NDT Systems Wotke GmbH (Austria)
NECSA (South African Nuclear Energy Corporation) (South Africa)
Neoprobe (USA)
Netman (France)
Neutron Products Inc. (USA)
Nevada Technical Associates, Inc (USA)
Nevis House (UK)
New Metals and Chemicals Ltd (UK)
New Millennium Nuclear Technologies (USA)
New York Nuclear Corp. (USA)
NEWPORT (Canada)
NEWPORT Electronics Inc (USA)
NEWPORT Electronique (France)
NFM Technologies (France)
NFS/Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. (USA)
NGK Insulators, ltd (Japan)
Nicobar Group (China)
Nigel Bradburn Search Ltd (NBS) (UK)
NIIAR (Russia)
Ningbo xinlin industrial co.,ltd (China)
Nippon Express Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Nippon Nuclear Service Corporation (Department of Sumitomo Corporation) (Japan)
Nirex (UK)
NIS Ingenieure (Germany)
NIS Ltd (UK)
NISYS Corporation (USA)
Nizkovoltnik (Russia)
NKM Noell Special Cranes (Germany)
Noell Mobile Systems & Cranes GmbH (Germany)
Noerlund Industries, LLC (USA)
Non Entry Systems Ltd (UK)
Nordon (France)
North American Contract Employee Services (NACES) (North American Energy Services) (USA)
North American Energy Services (NAES) (USA)
North American Scientific (Formerly Theseus Imaging Corporation) (USA)
North West Fire Protection Ltd (UK)
Norton Rose (UK)
Norwest Holst Freyssinet Nuclear limited (UK)
Nova Design Limited (UK)
Nova Machine Corporation (USA)
Novatex (Lithuania)
Nray Services Inc. (Canada)
NRG (An ECN KEMA company) (The Netherlands)
NRL Recruitment (UK) (UK)
NSD Fusion GmbH (Germany)
NSG Environmental Ltd (UK)
NSSI Sources & Services Inc (USA)
NTC (France)
NTS National Technical Systems (Nuclear Services Division) (USA)
Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc. (Canada)
Nuclear Air Filtration Testing Associates, Inc. (USA)
Nuclear Cargo+Service GmbH (Germany)
Nuclear Fields (USA) (USA)
Nuclear Fields Australia (Australia)
Nuclear Fields Holland (The Netherlands)
Nuclear Fuel Complex (India)
Nuclear Inspection Systems (a division of DeepSea Power & Light) (USA)
Nuclear Lead Company Inc. (USA)
Nuclear Logistics, Inc. (USA)
Nuclear Management Company LLC (NMC) (USA)
Nuclear Pharmacy Education Online (USA)
Nuclear Physics Research (YaFI), Scientific Engineering Center (Russia)
Nuclear Placement Services Inc. (USA)
Nuclear Power Outfitters (USA)
Nuclear Project Associates Ltd (Scotland)
Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc (Czech Republic)
Nuclear Scanning Services, Inc. (USA)
Nuclear Services & Supplies of America Inc. (USA)
Nuclear Shielding Supplies & Service Inc (USA)
Nuclear Shields B.V. (The Netherlands)
Nuclear Solutions (Formerly International Fission Fuels, Inc.) (USA)
Nuclear Systems Associates, Inc. (USA)
Nuclear Technologies Ltd (UK)
Nuclear Technology and Education Center (NuTEC) (Japan)
Nuclear Technology Products - NTP (South Africa)
Nuclear Technology Services, Inc. (USA)
Nuclear Training Institute (USA)
Nuclear Training Services Ltd. (UK)
NuclearLab SRL (Argentina)
NuclearMarket (France)
NUCLEMED (Belgium)
Nucleonix Systems Pvt Ltd (India)
Nucleonova (Italy)
Nuclep (Brasil)
Nucletron Pty. Limited (Australia)
NUCON International, Inc (USA)
NUCON International, Inc (USA)
Nucsafe Inc. (USA)
NucTecsolutions GmbH (Germany)
NuFlo Measurement Systems (Formerly ITT Barton Instruments) (Canada)
NUKEM Nuklear GmbH (Germany) (Germany)
Numerical Applications, Inc. (USA)
Numet Engineering Ltd (Canada)
NuSource (USA)
NUSS (Nuclear Services & Supplies Rost Ges.m.b.H.) (Austria)
Nutherm International, Inc. (USA)
Nutronic AB (Sweden)
Nuvia Limited (UK)
Nuvia Nordic AB (Sweden)
Nuvotec (Formerly Technical Resources International, Inc) (USA)
Nycomed Amersham - part of GE Healthcare (UK)
O Callaghan Technology LLC (USA)
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (USA)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)
Oakridge (France)
Oasis Nuclear Inc. (USA)
OBrien & Gere (USA)
Oceaneering International (USA)
ODIM Spectrum Ltd. (Formerly Spectrum Consulting Inc.) (Canada)
Offset Services Ltd (UK)
Okazaki (UK) (formely ARi Industries) (UK)
Oldham Batteries Canada Ltd (Formerly VHB Industrial Batteries Ltd) (Canada)
Oldham Engineering Ltd (UK)
Oldham France SA (France)
Ollagnier SA (France)
Olympus America Inc. (Industrial Products Group) (USA)
Olympus NDT (Formerly Staveley NDT technologies) (USA)
Omega (Formerly NEWPORT Electronics Ltd) (UK)
Omega Engineering/Vanzetti (USA)
Omegadyne (Canada) (Canada)
Omegadyne (Czech Republic) (Czech Republic)
Omegadyne (France) (France)
Omegadyne (Germany) (Germany)
Omegadyne (The Netherlands) (The Netherlands)
Omegadyne (UK) (UK)
Omegadyne (USA) (USA)
OMZ (Uralmash-Izhora Group) (Russia)
Onectra (France)
Onyx - Veolia Group (Formerly PWN Environmental) (USA)
Optex Europe Limited (UK)
OPTIMEX (France)
OPTIMEX (France)
Orbisphere (Hach Ultra Brand) (USA)
Orbit International Inspection Services LLC (Italy)
Orbit International Survey Services LLC (Other)
OREX Technologies International (USA)
Organisation des Travaux Nucléaires (OTN) (France)
Orion Consultancy Services - D. Gow & Son Ltd. (UK)
ORLANDO Systems Inc (USA)
Ortec (France)
Ortec (USA) (USA)
OSC, a.s. (Czech Republic)
Otronix Systems, Inc. (Korea)
Ouvaroff (France)
Overhoff Technology Corporation (OTC) (USA)
Owen Kane Holdings, Inc. (USA)
Oxford Technologies (UK)
P E A T , inc. (USA)
P W Allen & Company (UK)
P&G Manufacturing Inc. (USA)
P.C. Richardson & Co. Ltd. (UK)
P.E.T.Net Pharmaceutical Services (USA)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratories PNNL (USA)
Pacific World Trade / Nochar (USA)
Pacific-Tec Scientific Pte Ltd (Singapore)
PacTec Inc. (USA)
Paker - formerly Advanced Products (USA) (USA)
Paladin Resources Ltd. (Australia)
Panasonic (USA)
Panasonic Industrial Europe (France)
Pantech Consulting Engineers (USA)
Pantheon (India)
PaR Systems Inc (USA)
Paragon Analytics Inc. (USA)
Parker (Formerly Advanced Products) (Germany)
Parker (Formerly Advanced Products) (Belgium)
Parker Seal Group Europe (UK)
Parsons (USA)
Pathfinder Mines Corporation (Areva NC) (USA)
Patriot Forge Inc. (Canada)
Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) (Switzerland)
PCI Energy Services (USA)
Pectel Group Ltd (UK)
Pedi AG (Switzerland)
Peek bv (The Netherlands)
Penn Iron Works Inc. (USA)
Pentek Inc. (USA)
PEO (The Netherlands)
Performance Contracting Group (USA)
Perkin Elmer (France) (France)
PerkinElmer Instruments (USA) (USA)
PerkinElmer LAS (Germany) GmbH (Germany)
PerkinElmer Life Sciences and Analytical Sciences (Formerly Wallac Oy) (Finland)
PerkinElmer Norge AS (Formerly Wallac AS) (Norway)
PerkinElmer Sverige AB (Formerly Wallac AB Oxfordhuset) (Sweden)
PerkinElmer Vertriebs GmbH (Austria)
Perma-fix (USA)
Perma-Fix (Formerly Diversified Scientific Services Inc.) (USA)
Perry Slingsby Systems (USA) (USA)
Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd (UK) Technip Group (UK)
Perspective Scientific Limited (UK)
Peter Brotherhood Ltd (UK)
Petro-Chem Equipment Company (USA)
Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH (Germany)
Pfeiffer Vacuum Ltd (UK)
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology Inc. (USA)
PGT Oak Ridge (USA)
Philippe Lassarat SA (France)
Philips Medical Systems Inc (formerly Marconi Medical Systems) (USA)
Philotechnics, Ltd (USA)
PHIMECA Engineering SA (France)
Phoenix ISL (UK)
Photon Research Associates, Inc.(Raytheon) (USA)
Photonis (France)
Piercan SA (France)
Pilgrim International Ltd (UK)
Pinette Emidecau Inc. (USA)
Plasco Energy Group (Formerly Resorption Canada Ltd.) (Canada)
Plastunion SA (France)
Platec Group Ltd (China)
Platom AB (Sweden)
Platom Oy (Finland)
PM Safety Consultants Limited (UK)
Podolskkabel (Russia)
Polimaster (Belarus)
Poly tube ind (india)
Pompes Rutschi SA (France)
Ponticelli freres (France)
Poole Process Equipment (UK)
Porta-Kamp International (USA)
Portafeu (France)
Porter House, Inc (USA)
Portobello Fabrications Ltd (UK)
Positron Technology GmbH (Germany)
Posiva Oy (Finland)
Potter & Soar Ltd (UK)
Poujaud (France)
Power Equipment Specialists, Inc (usa)
Power House Tool, Inc. (USA)
Power Jacks Ltd. (Scotland)
Power Machines (Formerly Electrosila) (Russia)
Power Machines - Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (LMZ) (Russia)
Power Maintenance Resources, Inc. (PMRI) (USA)
Power Systems Energy Services, Inc (USA)
Powerfect Service Inc. (USA)
PPG (formerly Ameron Coatings) (The Netherlands)
PPS (formerly Plysu) (UK)
Praemab GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Prague Casting Services a.s. (Czech Republic)
Praxis High Integrity Systems Limited - Altran Group (UK)
Preci-Fab engineers Pvt. ltd. (India)
Precision Source (USA)
Preferred Metal Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Premier Technology, Inc. (USA)
Premium Analyse (France)
Presray Corp. (USA)
Pribori Oy (Finland) (Finland)
Pribory Oy (Russia) (Russia)
Prime steel pipe (China)
Princeton Electronic Systems Inc. (USA)
Principia (France)
Principia (Spain)
Private Eyes, Inc. (USA)
Private Fuel Storage, LLC (USA)
Process Engineering Associates, LLC (USA)
Process Instruments Inc. (Leeds & Northrup) (USA)
Professional Discount Supply (PDS) (USA)
Proguard Limited (UK)
PROIMAGEN S.A. (Argentina)
Promatec Technologies, Inc. (USA)
PromMekhanoMontazh JSC (Russia)
PROMMET Special steel (Russia)
Pronal (France)
Pronuclear (Portugal)
Proplug Limited (UK)
Protean Instrument Corporation (USA)
Protectall International Ltd (UK)
Protem (France) (France)
Proto-Power Corp. (USA)
Proweld UK (UK)
Proxtronics, Inc. (USA)
PSS Pipe Support Systems GmbH International (Germany)
PTI Systems (Formerly Pro-Tem Incorporated) (USA)
PTP (Professional Training Programs - Oak Ridge Associated Universities) (USA)
PTS (Pelindaba Technology Solutions) - a division of NECSA (South Africa)
Pulcir, Inc (USA)
Purolite (Deutschland) GmbH (Germany)
Purolite Iberia SA (Spain)
Purolite International (Russia)
Purolite International (Korea) (Korea)
Purolite International Limited (Ukraine)
Pylon Electronics, Inc (Canada)
Pyropress Engineering Co Ltd (UK)
Q-Metrics Inc. (USA)
Q.I. Inc. (Japan)
Qados Limited (UK)
Qal-Tek Associates L.L.C. (USA)
Qinhuangdao Janus Metal Material Co., Ltd (China)
QSA - Global (USA)
QSA Global Inc (Germany) (Germany)
Quality Stamping and Machining (USA)
Quinshield Ltd (UK)
QUIRI hydromécanique (France)
R & P Eng Services Ltd (UK)
R & P Engineering Services Limited (UK)
R & P Engineering services ltd (UK)
R&D Company 'Sosny' (Russia)
R. Brooks Associates (USA)
R. M. Wester & Associstes, Inc. (USA)
R.L. Mussman Corp. (USA)
R.O.V. Technologies Inc (USA)
Rabain (France)
Rad Elec Inc. (USA)
RadCon LLC (USA)
Raddec Ltd (UK)
Radiation Protection Ltd (UK)
Radiation Protection Products (RPP) (USA)
Radiation Safety Associates, Inc (USA)
Radiation Safety Engineering, Inc. (USA)
RADICO (Russia)
Radioactive Isolation Consortium LLC (USA)
Radiological Services, Inc. (RSI) (USA)
Radiology Equipment Company (USA)
Raditec AG (Formerly Uehlinger Pfiffner AG) (Switzerland)
Radium Inc. (USA)
Radkowsky Thorium Power Corporation (RTPC) (USA)
Radman Associates (UK)
Radon (Russia)
Radon (Russia)
Radon Control Inc. (RCI) (USA)
Radpharm Scientific Pty.Ltd. (Australia)
Radpro Limited (Nufcor International) (South Africa)
Radrisk Consulting (Spain) (Formerly The Radiology Employment Network) (USA)
Raims (UK)
Ralph A. Hiller Co. (USA)
RAM/GAM Engineering Services Inc. (USA)
RAMES a.s (Czech Republic)
Ranor, Inc. (USA)
RBG Limited (UK)
RBtec (USA)
RCM Technologies Canada (Formerly an Can Nuke Technologies Ltd) (Canada)
RCM Technologies, Inc. (Fomerly MEC Mu-Sigma Engineering Consultants) (Canada)
RdF Corporation (USA)
RDP Electronics ltd (UK)
Reade Advanced Materials (USA)
Reaktortest Ltd. (Slovak Republic )
Redcliffe Limited (UK)
RedZone Robotics Inc (USA)
Reel SA (France)
Regent Steel and Engg. Co. (India)
Regent Steel and Engg. Co. (India)
Regent Steel and Engg. Co. (India)
Regent Steel and Engg. Co. (India)
Regula, a.s. (Czech Republic)
REI Nuclear, LLC (USA)
REI Nuclear, LLC (USA)
RELCON AB, Risk Management (Sweden)
Rellumix (SAS) (France)
Remote Marine Systems ltd (UK)
Remote Ocean Systems (USA)
Remtech Inc. (USA)
Remtech SA (France)
Renecol Limited (Czech Republic)
ResinTech Inc. (USA)
Respirex (UK)
REVISS Services (UK) Ltd (UK)
Rexel Senate (UK)
Rexon Components Inc. (USA)
Ricci Consulting (Germany)
Rif-Terminal (Russia)
Rigging International (USA)
Rio Tinto plc (Australia)
Risk Assessment Corporation (RAC) (USA)
Riso National Laboratory (Denmark)
Ritchies (UK)
RITE Advice Ltd (UK)
RITVERC GmbH (Russia)
RM Consultants Ltd (UK)
RMD Instruments Corp. (USA)
RMD, Inc. (USA)
Robatel (France) (France)
Robatel (USA) (USA)
RoboProbe Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Rockwell Automation, Inc (UK)
Rockwell Automation, Inc. (USA)
Roehr+Stolberg GmbH (Germany)
Roger s Steel Products (Canada)
Rohmann (UK) Ltd (UK)
Rohmann GmbH (Germany) (Germany)
RolaTube Technology Ltd (UK)
Rolf Jensen & Associates Inc. (USA)
Ronan Engineering Company (Argentina)
Röntgen Technische Dienst (RTD) Radiation Protection Services - Germany (Germany)
Roper Resources Ltd. (Canada)
Rose Consulting Engineers Ltd (UK)
Rosemount Nuclear (USA) (USA)
Rossing Uranium Ltd (part of the Rio Tinto Group of Companies) (Namibia)
Rotajet Systems Limited (UK)
Rotem Industries Ltd. (Israel)
Rotork Controls (Canada) Ltd (Canada)
Rotork Controls (UK) Ltd (UK)
Rotork Controls (USA), Inc. (USA)
Rovacabin (UK)
Royston Lead Ltd (UK)
RPS Energy (Formerly RPS Engineering & Safety) (UK)
RPS, Inc. (Radiation Protection Systems, Inc.) (USA)
RTCA (Radon) (USA)
RTD Belgium head office (Belgium)
RTD Netherlands (The Netherlands )
RTI Electronics AB (Sweden) (USA)
Rtkaulruhz (India)
RTP Corp. (USA)
Rubble Makers (USA)
Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (Department for Nuclear and New Energy Systems) (Germany)
Russian Methodological and Training Center (Russia)
RÜTSCHI FLUID AG (Switzerland)
Ryals & Associates, Inc (USA)
S&G Enterprises, Inc. (USA)
S.E. International, Inc. (USA)
Saanio & Riekkola (Finland)
Safe Technologies (France)
Safety and Ecology Corporation (SEC) (USA)
Safety and Ecology Corporation (SEC-UK) (UK)
Safety and Ecology Corporation, Ltd. (UK)
Safety Storage, INC. (USA)
Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd (UK)
Sage Safety Ltd (UK)
SAIC (Safety and Security Instruments) (USA)
SAIC - Exploranium (Canada)
Saint- Gobain Crystals (Formerly Gamma Laboratories) (USA)
Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors (France)
Salvarem (France)
Sam-Mart Industries Ltd (china)
SAMART RadiTech Co.,Ltd (Thailand)
Samchang (Korea)
Sammer Technologies (Canada)
Samshin Limited (Korea)
Sana (France)
Sandia National Lab. (USA)
Sandvik steel (Sweden)
Sangjie Commercial Co. Ltd. (Korea)
Saphymo (France)
Sapra-Landauer, Ltd (Brazil)
Sarad gmbh (Germany)
Sargent & Lundy (USA)
Saru Smelting Private Limited (India)
Sat. France (France)
sat. Kerntechnik GmbH (Germany)
Saturn (Russia)
Sawyer Manufacturing Company (USA)
ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB (Sweden)
Scanditronix Wellhöfer (Russia)
Scanditronix Wellhofer (USA) (USA)
Scanditronix Wellhöfer AB - Sweden (Sweden)
Scanditronix Wellhöfer GmbH (Germany)
Scandpower Risk Management AS (Kjeller, Norway) (Norway)
ScanSense (Norway)
SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG (Formerly Stahlwille A.S.) (Denmark)
Schilling Robotics LLC (USA)
School of Ocean Sciences (UK)
Schott Glass Technologies Inc. (USA)
Schulz Electric Co. (USA)
Schutte & Koerting Div (former Ketema Inc.) (USA)
Scientech Inc. (USA)
Scientific and Production Enterprise ATOMTEX (Belarus)
Scientific Research Institute of Energy Structures (NIIES) (Russia)
Scientifics Ltd (UK)
Scimitar Resources (Australia)
Scintrex Ltd. A division of LRS (Canada) (Canada)
Scionix Holland B.V. (The Netherlands)
SCK-CEN, Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie (Belgium)
Scope 37 (Societe Cooperative Ouvriere de Production) (France)
SDMS (France)
Seal Master Corporation (USA)
Séché Energies (France)
Securefoods Inc. (USA)
SED Inc. (Canada)
Segault (France)
Segula Technologies (France)
SEIKO EG&G CO., LTD. (Seiko Instruments Inc) (Japan)
Seiler Instrument (USA)
Selmi (Ukraine)
Sempell AG. (Germany)
Semple Fraser (UK)
Sener Ingenieria y Sistemas SA (Spain)
SENES Consultants Limited (Canada)
Senior Flexonics (USA)
Sensidyne Inc. (USA)
Senstar Corporation (Canada)
Senstar GmbH (Germany) (Germany)
Senstar Ltd. (UK) (UK)
Senstar-Stellar, Inc. (USA) (USA)
Sentry Equipment Corp (USA)
Serco Sistemas (Formerly Copifer Sistemas S. A.) (Spain)
Serco TAS (UK)
Serf/Systems Engineering (USA)
Services First, Inc. (USA)
Servotest (UK)
SETARAM (France)
SETARAM (France)
Severn Trent Laboratories Inc. (USA)
SFBMN (France)
SGN (Societe Generale pour les Techniques Nouvelles) (France)
SGS Qualitest (France)
SGS US Testing Company Inc (USA)
Shanghai Electric Group Corporation Limited (Formerly Shanghai Boiler Works Ltd.) (China)
Shanghai Leading Metal Technology Co.,Ltd (China)
Shanghai Shuosong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
Sheffield Forgemasters Engineering (UK)
Shepley Engineers Limited (VHE group) (UK)
SHI-APD Cryogenics, Inc.(Formerly IGC-APD Cryogenics Inc.) (USA)
ShiftWork Systems, Inc. (USA)
Shijiazhuang Bang dong Pipe Trading Co,Ltd (China)
Shijiazhuang Bang dong Pipe Trading Co,Ltd (China)
Shijiazhuang Jinmo Pipe Co.Ltd (Other)
Shijiazhuang Jinmo Pipe Fitting Co.Ltd (Argentina)
Shijiazhuang Jinmo Pipe IMP&EXP Trading Co.,Ltd (China)
Shijiazhuang Jinmo Pipe Imp&Exp Trading Co.,Ltd (China)
Shimadzu (Austria) (Austria)
Shimadzu Corporation International Marketing Division (Japan) (Japan)
Shimadzu Europa GmbH (Germany)
Shimadzu UK Branch (UK)
Shinjo Pump Co., Ltd. (China)
ShuoSong Electronic Technology (China)
Sichuan Q&H Mechanical Co.,Ltd (China)
Siegrist-Orel Ltd (UK)
Siemens (Germany)
Siemens Energy, Power Generation Inc. (USA)
Siemens Environmental Systems (USA) (USA)
Siemens Industry, Inc. Automation & Drive Technologies (USA)
Siemens Industry, Inc., Spring House Locations (USA)
Siemens Medical Solutions (Germany)
Siemens Medical Solutions(UK) (UK)
Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany)
Sierra Atlantic (Formerly Sierra Optima Limited) (India)
Sierra Equipment Company Inc. (USA)
Sierra Monitor Corporation (USA)
SIFOP (France)
Sigmaaldrich (Formerly Isotec) (USA)
Silex Systems Limited (Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation) (Australia)
Silvertech Ltd (UK)
Simic S.p.A (Italy)
Simmons & Simmons (UK)
Simon Carves Ltd (UK)
Sinclair Knight Merz (UK)
Sinda Valve Co.Ltd (China)
Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd (UK)
Sira Environmental Ltd (UK)
SIT (Société d Innovations Techniques) (France)
Sites (France)
SKF Belgium (Belgium)
SKF-Condition Monitoring (USA)
SKODA JS a.s. (Czech Republic)
SKODA POWER Prague (Czech Republic)
Skoda Praha as (Czech Republic)
SKODA STEEL Konsorcium (Czech Republic)
Skodaexport Co. Ltd (Czech Republic)
Skolnik Industries Inc (headquarters USA) (USA)
SKY Computers Inc. (USA)
SMALL HOLE DRILLING s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Smart Technologies (India)
Snap-on Industrial (UK)
SNC-Lavalin Nuclear Inc. (Canada)
SNEF Technologies (France)
SNIIP (Scientific and Engineering Center) (Russia)
Società Chimica Larderello S.p.A. (Italy)
Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS SA) (Switzerland)
Société Industrielle de Radioprotection (France)
Socodei (France)
Sogedec (France)
Sogefibre (France)
Sogemo SA (France)
Sogin (Italy)
Solartron (UK)
Solcom Limited (UK)
Soltec Corp. (USA)
SOLTEC Corporation (USA)
Solutient Technologies, LLC (USA)
Soluziona (Formerly NorControl Soluziona) (Spain)
Soluziona Ingenieria (Spain)
SOM (France)
Somanu (France)
Sonic Systems International, Inc. (USA)
Sonotech Inc (USA)
Sonovation B.V. (previously AEA Sonomatic BV) (The Netherlands)
Sopemea (France)
Sotex LTD (Russia)
Source Exchange (The Radioactive Materials Exchange) (UK)
Southern Scientific Ltd. (UK)
Southern Testing Services, Inc. (USA)
Sovis Optique (France)
Spatial Consultants Ltd. (UK)
SPC 'Doza' (Russia)
Special Metals Corporation (USA) (USA)
Special Metals Wiggin Ltd (UK)
Specitubes (France)
Spectrum Techniques Inc. (USA)
Spellman Electronics (Formerly Del Bertan High Voltage Corporation) (USA)
Spencer Ogden (UK)
Spescom Software Inc (Formerly Altris software Inc) (USA)
Spescom Software Ltd (UK)
SPG (France)
SPIE Nucléaire (France)
SPIRAL Ingénierie (France)
Spland International Inc (China)
Sponge-Jet, Inc. (USA)
Spraylat International Ltd (UK)
Springer (USA)
Springfield Fuels Ltd (Westinghouse) (UK)
SPS Aerostructures (UK)
SPX Cooling Technologies (Formerly Marley Cooling Technologies) (USA)
SPX Cooling Technologies (Formerly Marley Kuhlturm GmbH) (Germany)
SRA SAVAC (France)
SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. (USA)
SSM Industries, Inc. (USA)
Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA GmbH (Germany)
Stainless International Limited (UK)
Stainless Metalcraft (UK)
Stainless Steel Fasteners (UK)
Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. (SAHCI) (USA)
Standard Imaging, Inc. (USA)
Stanley (USA)
Stantec Consulting Ltd (Canada)
Stardust Impex Pvt Ltd (India)
Starmet Corp. (USA)
Startech Environmental, Corp. (USA)
Staubli Faverges (France)
STAUFF - Walter Stauffenberg GmbH + Co. KG (Germany)
STB Isotope Germany GmbH (Germany)
STEAG encotec GmbH (Germany)
Stellite Coatings (Deloro Stellite USA) (USA)
Stephenson Engineering (UK)
Steri Technologies Inc (USA)
Sterigenics (USA)
Steris (USA)
Stern Laboratories Inc. (Canada)
Stevenson and Associates (Czech Republic)
STMI (France)
Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation (USA)
Stork H&E Turbo Blading (USA)
Strainsert (USA)
Strainstall UK Ltd (UK)
Strategic Environmental Analysis LLC (USA)
Strathmore Minerals Corp. (Canada)
Structural Integrity Associates (USA)
STS France (France)
Studsvik Consulting AB (Sweden)
Studsvik GmbH & Co KG (Germany)
Studsvik Nuclear AB (Sweden)
Studsvik RadWaste AB (Sweden)
Studsvik Rosyth Nuclear Services (SRNS) Ltd (UK)
Studsvik Scandpower AB (Sweden) (Sweden)
Studsvik Scandpower GmbH (Germany)
Studsvik Scandpower Inc (USA) (USA)
Studsvik Stensand AB (Sweden)
Studsvik UK (formerly Environmental Remediation Services) Limited (UK)
Sulsoft (Brasil)
Sulzer Metco (UK) Ltd (UK)
Sulzer Pumps Ltd. (Switzerland)
Sumitomo Heavy Industry (Japan)
Summit Controls Ltd. (Canada)
Sun Nuclear Corporation (USA)
SungWoo E&T (Korea)
Sunny Steel Enterprise Ltd. (China)
Sunny Steel Enterprise Ltd. (China)
Suntrac Services (USA)
Superior Uniform Group (USA)
Surbec Environmental L.L.C. (USA)
Surplus Assets Management Corp. (SAMco) (USA)
Sutcliffe Speakman Ltd (UK)
Suzhou Valve Factory (SVF) (China)
Sverd (Russia)
SVT (Germany)
Swagelok Company (USA)
SWECO AB (Sweden)
Sycor Technology Inc (Canada)
Symphotic (USA)
SynTech Products Corporation (USA)
Syscom Instruments (Switzerland)
T & D Tungsten Alloys Co., Ltd (China)
Tachart Ltd T/A Bolt & Nut Manufacturing (UK)
TAM International (Canada)
Tap Yhtiot Oy (Finland)
Target systemelectronic gmbh (Germany)
TD Williamson (Formerly Freeze Service, Inc.) (USA)
TD Williamson Services, Inc. (USA)
TEC/Technology for Energy Corp. (USA)
Tech Oil Products, Inc (USA)
Techman Industrie (France)
Technical Associates (USA)
Technical Management Services Inc. (USA)
Technicatome (France)
TechniClean (USA)
Technip (France)
Techno Pro (France)
Technofab Engineering Limited (India)
Technology Imaging Services (USA)
Technoplus (France)
TechPrecision, Inc. (USA)
Techsnabexport (Tenex) (Russia)
Tecnasa S.L. (Spain)
Tecnatom SA (Spain)
Técnicas Reunidas, S.A. (Spain)
Tecnitest (Spain)
Tecnubel (Belgium)
TECOS (Lithuania)
Tekna Sprl Bvba (Belgium)
Teknocraft Inc (USA)
Teledyne Brown Engineering (USA)
Telekort (Russia)
Telerob Gesellschaft fur Fernhantierungstechnik mbH (Germany)
Telesensors, Inc. (USA)
Teletrix Corp. (USA)
Tema Sinergie s.r.l. (Italy)
Tenera Environmental (Formerly Tenera Energy LLC) (USA)
Tenex (Uranservice) (Russia)
TENSOR AB (Sweden)
Teplopribor (Russia)
Terra Verde Services (UK)
TES (Czech Republic)
Tessella (UK)
Testconult Ltd (UK)
TesTex,Inc. (USA)
Tetra Tech, Inc (USA)
TGF consultants (UK)
TGF Consultants Ltd (UK)
Thales Engineering (France)
Thales Training & Simulation (TTS) (France)
Thaxton Division of Hy-Tech Machine Inc (USA)
The Atlantic Group (USA)
The Brokers Broker (USA)
The D.I. Mendeleyev All-Russian Institute for Metrology (VNIIM) (Russia)
The D.V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus (NIIEFA) (Russia)
The darent Wax Co Ltd (UK)
The Deflex Corporation (USA)
The Dyson Corporation (USA)
The Factory Company International, Inc. (USA)
The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (USA)
The Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (Poland) (Poland)
The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (Japan)
The Kahn Companies (USA)
The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (USA)
The Nuclear Fuels Corporation of South Africa Limited (Nufcor SA) (South Africa)
The Purolite Company (France) (France)
The Purolite Company (UK) (UK)
The Purolite Company (USA) (USA)
The risk advisory group ltd (France)
The Royal Marsden NHS Trust (UK)
The Scientific Production Center ASPECT (Russia)
The Shaw Group Inc. (Formerly Stone & Webster Engineering Ltd) (UK)
The Shaw Group Inc. (Formerly The IT Group) (USA)
The Staplex Company (Air Sampling Division) (USA)
The Swedish NDT Qualification Centre (SQC Kvalificeringscentrum AB) (Sweden)
The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co, SKB (Sweden)
The University of Texas at Austin (Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory) (USA)
The Uranium National Company S.A. (Romania)
The Ux Consulting Company (UxC) (USA)
The Westwind Group Inc. (USA)
The Wm. Powell Company (USA)
Themis Ingenierie (France)
Thermal Energy Construction Ltd. (UK)
Thermal Spray Solutions, Inc. (USA)
Thermal Technology Inc (Astro Division) (USA)
Thermatrix, inc (USA)
Thermo (Reax) (formerly Reactor Experiments) (USA)
Thermo Electric (Europe) (UK)
Thermo Electric (USA) (USA)
Thermo Electric Canada (Canada)
Thermo Electron Corp. (formerly MF Physics) (USA)
Thermo Electron France (France)
Thermo Electron Germany (Germany)
Thermo Electron UK (UK)
Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA)
Thermo Fisher Scientific, CIDTEC Cameras & Imagers (USA)
Thermocoax Inc. (USA)
Thermocoax SA (France)
Thermodyne Engineering ltd (Canada)
Thermon Manufacturing Company (USA)
Thermon U.K. Limited (UK)
Thermoretec Corporation (USA)
Thevenet-Clerjounie (France)
Thomas Gray & Associates, Inc. (USA)
ThyssenKrupp VDM France (France)
ThyssenKrupp Xervon GmbH (Formely Schmutz) (Germany)
Timotex Ltd (UK)
Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company Inc (USA)
Tioga Pipe Supply Co., Inc. (USA)
Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) (USA)
Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) UK, Ltd. (UK)
TLG Services Inc (USA)
TMP Worldwide, eResourcing Division Storefront (USA)
TN International (France)
TNE - Technology Nuclear Electronics S.r.l. (Italy)
Toeroek Associates, Inc. (USA)
Topworx / Go Switch (USA)
Toshiba (Japan)
Toshiba America Medical Systems (USA)
Toshiba Medical Systems (UK) (UK)
Trac Heaton Ltd (UK)
Tracelec (France)
TRAD (France)
Transatom (Formerly Atomspetstrans) (Russia)
Transco Products Inc. (USA)
Transelektro Co Ltd (Hungary)
Transera systems pvt ltd (India)
Transformix Engineering Inc. (Canada)
Transgalactic Instruments (Bulgaria)
Transnuclear, Inc. (Areva NC) (USA)
Transport Logistics International, Inc. (USA)
Transrad (Belgium)
Trasis (Belgium)
Trentec Inc. (USA)
Trevis (France)
Tri Nuclear Corporation (USA)
Tri Tool International Inc (USA)
Triqs (Central) Limited (UK)
TrisKem International (France)
Trism Specialized Carriers Incorporated (USA)
Triumf (Canada)
Tru-Connector Corp. (USA)
Trust Manufacturing (USA)
TSA Systems Inc (USA)
TTS Energo s r.o. (Czech Republic)
Tubela Engineering Co. Ltd. (UK)
Tunzini (France)
Tunzini Maintenance Nucléaire (France)
Turbine Controls Ltd (UK)
Turboatom OAO (Ukraine)
TUV Nord (Germany)
TUVI EOOD (Bulgaria)
TVEL Corporation (Russia)
TWI Ltd (UK)
Tyco Electronics (USA)
Tyco Flow Control China (Formerly Descote ASIA) (China)
Tyco Valves & Controls (USA)
Ube Industries Ltd (Machinery Division) Japan (Japan)
UCAR S.N.C. (France) (France)
Uddcomb Engineering AB (Sweden)
UJP PRAHA a.s. (Czech Republic)
UK Purchasing Consultants Ltd (UK)
Ukrainian Atom Instruments corp. (Ukraine)
Ukrsnab VID (Ukraine)
Ulba metallurgical plant (Kazakhstan)
UltraTech International Inc (USA)
Umwelt und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden (Germany)
Underwater Construction Corporation (USA)
Uni-Chem Chemicals (USA)
Union Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd (China)
Union Pumps (David Brown Guinard pumps) (France)
UniTech Services Group (USA)
United Control International (USA)
United engineering works (india)
United States Crane Certification Bureau Inc (USA)
Unitron Inc (USA)
University of Bristol - Bristol Earthquake and Engineering Laboratory Ltd. (UK)
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) (USA)
Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant (Russia)
Uralmash (Ural Plant of Heavy Machinery) (Russia)
Urangesellschaft mbH (Areva NC) (Germany)
Urangesellschaft USA Inc (USA)
Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. (India)
Urenco Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
Urenco Limited (UK) (UK)
Urenco Nederland BV (The Netherlands)
URS (Dames & Moore) (UK)
US Filters (Part of Siemens Water) (USA)
US Nuclear Corp (USA)
US Plasma, Inc. (USA)
USF-HPD Products, S. A. (Spain)
Uticom Systems Incorporated (USA)
Utility Resource Associates (URA) (USA)
V. J. Technologies (USA)
VA TECH EZ a.s. (Czech Republic)
VacuTec Messtechnik GmbH (Germany)
Valcor Engineering Corporation (USA)
Valinox Nucleaire (Vallourec Group) (France)
Valtimet (Vallourec Group) (France)
Value Design Consulting Ltd (UK)
Vanatome SA (France)
Vancouver Wire EDM (Canada)
Vanderplanck Metalworks (COREFE - France) (France)
Vanguard2001 Limited (UK)
Varian Medical systems (USA)
Vattenfall Power Consultant AB (Formerly Swedpower international AB) (Sweden) (USA)
Vector & Wellheads Engineering (formerly Walthon Weir Pacific) (Spain)
Vectra Group (UK) Ltd (UK)
Vediorbis (France)
Veenstra Instruments (The Netherlands)
Veer mac industries (India)
Velan (France)
Velan GmbH (Germany)
Velan Inc. (Canada)
Velan Valve Corp. (USA)
Velan Valves Ltd. (UK)
Velindre NHS Trust (Radiation Protection Service) (UK)
Venn Engineering Services Ltd (UK)
Veolia Environmental Services (Formerly Salesco Systems) (USA)
Veridiam (USA)
VERINGER Ingenieria Avanzada S.L. (France)
Veritec Sonomatic Limited (UK)
Vertec Scientific Ltd (UK)
VF instruments (Slovak Republic)
VF, a.s. (Czech Republic)
VFP Consultants, inc. (Canada)
VHB Industriebatterien GmbH (Germany)
Vibro Pribor (Russia)
Vibro-meter SA (Switzerland) (Switzerland)
Viking Projects Ltd (India)
Vinci Construction Grands Projets (departement 3D) (France)
Vira Pharma GmbH (Germany)
Visionic (France)
Vitkovice (Czech Republic)
VKTA (Germany)
VNIITFA (RF TEchnical Physics and Automation Research Institute) (Russia)
VNIPIET (All-Russia Science Research and Design Institute of Power Engineering Technology) (Russia)
VNIPIPT (All Russian Design and Research Institute of Industrial Technology) (Russia)
Voestalpine Italia (Italy)
Vokes-Air Group (UK)
Von Gahlen (USA) (USA)
Von Gahlen Nederland BV (The Netherlands)
Vortec Corporation (USA)
VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation (Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association) (Russia)
VT Nuclear Services ltd (UK)
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Finland)
VUEZ, a.s. (Slovak Republic )
VUJE a.s. (Slovak Republic )
W.H.Rooke & Co. (Redditch) Ltd (UK)
W.H.Rooke & Co. (Redditch) Ltd (UK)
W.H.Rooke & Co. (Redditch) Ltd (UK)
Wackenhut Nuclear Services Division (USA)
Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze Div. (USA)
WALSTIB Associates International, LLC (USA)
Wardell Armstrong LLP (UK)
Wardrop (Canada)
Wärtsilä Corporation (Finland)
Washington E & C Ltd (UK)
Washington Group (formerly Raytheon and Morrison Knudsen) (USA)
Washington Group International Engineered Products Department (USA)
Washington Nuclear Corp. (Sister Company of New York Nuclear Corporation) (USA)
Washington Safety Management Solutions LLC (WSMS) (USA)
Waste Control Specialists LLC (USA)
Waste Control Systems (USA)
Waste Management Technology Limited (UK)
WaterWorks America (USA)
Wave trades ltd (Argentina)
WE instrumentation ltd (UK)
Wedholm Medical AB (Formerly STUDSVIK INSTRUMENTS AB) (Sweden)
Weed Instrument Company Inc (USA)
Weir Clear Liquid Division (USA)
Weir Defence, Nuclear & Gas (Formerly Weir Strachan & Henshaw Ltd) (UK)
Weir Valves & Controls Division (USA)
Weir Valves & Controls UK Ltd (UK)
Wellman Booth (UK)
Wellman CJB Limited (UK)
Wellseal International Limited (China)
Wenzhou Longwan Nan Yang steel pipes factory (China)
Wenzhou Longwan Nan Yang steel pipes factory (China)
Weschler Instruments (USA)
WesDyne International Inc. (USA)
West Cumbria Consulting Ltd (UK)
Westinghouse Barras Provence (France)
Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB (Sweden)
Westinghouse Nuclear (USA)
Westron (Ukraine)
WFI International, Inc. (USA)
Wilde & Partners (UK)
Winston & Strawn (USA)
Wismut GmbH (Germany)
Witt & Sohn AG (Germany)
WL Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd (UK)
WMG, Inc. (USA)
Woodcock & Wilson ltd (UK)
Worcester Controls (UK) - Flowserve (UK)
World Wide Minerals Ltd (USA)
Wozair Limited (UK)
Wuxi Fusheng Valve Industrial Co., Ltd. (China)
Wychwood Water Systems Limited (UK)
Wyizjkwaag (Denmark)
Wyle Laboratories, Inc. (USA)
X-Cel Superturn (GB) Ltd (UK)
XCon Partners GmbH (Germany)
Xomox Corporation (USA)
Xral laboratories (SGS Canada Inc.) (Canada)
XRF Corporation (USA)
Yellow Stone Diesel Parts Plant (China)
Yieh Corp. (Taiwan)
YIT Corporation (Finland)
Young In Scientific Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Yves Cougnaud (France)
Yxlon International X-Ray GmbH (Germany)
Zabaikal Mining and Concentrating Combine (Russia)
ZAT a.s. (Czech Republic)
ZEiM Electronics and Mechanics Plant (Russia)
Zense (UK)
Zentech International Limited (UK)
Zetec (Europe) - Servicing Europe NDT (The Netherlands)
Zetec (Finland) - Aerospace, BOP & Industrial (Finland)
Zetec (Norway) - As G. Hartmann (Norway)
Zetec (Sweden) - AB Kontrollmetod (Sweden)
Zetec, Inc. (USA)
Zhejiang teji valve co.,ltd (China)
Zhejiang Xinhai Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (China)
Zinsser Analytic GmbH (Germany)
Zircatec Precision Industries Inc. (Cameco) (Canada)
ZOT Engineering Limited (Scotland)
ZVVZ a.s. (Czech Republic)